Monday, March 19, 2012

Periscope's Alive at COP 24/7

Last week was one of those "weeks" where the schedule was in overdrive and then some. I've been really trying to assess all things "COP 24/7," and the myriad of connections that intersect my online life and my Terra firma reality. When I'm in motion, while attempting to check off "did I do this ?," or "can I make event A or B ?," often I fine myself experiencing a "whirling Dervish" feeling trying to make it all happen. So why do Ido it or give a damn about keeping up the pace seems to based in passion with a dash of destiny. I've decided that I can't ask others to be apart of the change they seek, if I'm putting my shoulder to the wheel and bringing it with all that I can muster. Through all of this, its the fuel of your recognition of what I've tried to do with this forum, local community involvement and ultimately speaking for those who may believe that they don't have a voice that makes all the difference. I appreciate every acknowledgement, e-mail, phone call or shout out letting me know that you, you, and yes you too are checking in with this forum and often times sharing it with others.  Its been a tremendous experience thus far and who knows where we go from here. Stay with us and always know that COP 24/7 will keep bringing you our special brand of "what's really going on!!" Now let's get this thing started...

LGBTQ Shelter Fund Raises

According to a e-blast from Lucie's Place board President, Penelope Poppers, the organization had a great event Friday night at Up On Broadway! After expenses, Lucie's Place raised $5,500, more than the estimated $3,500! Poppers stated that around 90 people attended resulting in netting $9,000. I 'm sure this and more will be discussed at the their March 21 board meeting which is open to the public. Certainly this should be saluted and commended, however such facilities don't emerge or survive without severe funding streams that run deep. And when I mean deep, I'm talking about "six figures" deep when you consider all the expenses involved with such a project. After the expenditure to secure a substantial property there's out fitting the place with insurance and more insurance such as worker's compensation, liability and perhaps bonding. Bring on the deposits and utilities, salaries, supplies, security and stuff that you didn't know you needed or didn't plan for. I hope that those involved with this venture will be in a virtual "reality check" as they move forward on this project. I attended one of the early announced planning meetings where there was much enthusiasm along with numerous questions. I have received e-mail updates and other assorted material, but what really caught my attention was the October 2013 date that has been somewhat set as a target date to be up and running. Really? On their sub domain website,( I didn't see any financial reports, corporate sponsors or any foundation support, no underwriters or actual strategic plans revealing the way forward on this ambitious endeavor. There was notice of the media minutes the group garnered and little else that would have captured my attention if I were a potential donor. Let me be clear there's no "hate" from this platform but I've seen facilities such as this and keeping the doors open is no joke. Attempting to fund this worthwhile venture is going to take more than an occasional fundraiser, an individual donor threshold of $4,000 for 2012 and T-Shirt sales. I wish them well but in the meantime I'll take a wait and see position.

Secretary Sebelius unveils “MyCare” stories

Personal stories across the country show how the health care law is working for Americans
Health and Human Services (HHS) Secretary Kathleen Sebelius today unveiled “MyCare,” a collection of online personal video and blog stories of Americans helped by the Affordable Care Act. MyCare is a new educational initiative to help inform Americans about new programs, benefits and rights under the health care law. Americans are encouraged to share their own stories by using the Twitter hashtag #MyCare or visiting .
“When I travel across the country, I hear stories of hard-working people struggling with the health care system, being denied care when they need it most, making choices between paying the mortgage or filling their prescription drugs, and dealing with the anxiety of problems that no family should have to face,” said Secretary Kathleen Sebelius. “The law eases this stress and helps put the power back into the hands of consumers instead of insurance companies.”

The health care law, the Affordable Care Act was signed into law two years ago on March 23, 2010. The law prohibits insurance companies from dropping coverage when people get sick through a practice called “rescission”, annual or lifetime limits, and, in 2014, will guarantee health insurance for all Americans including anyone with a pre-existing condition. Insurance companies are also required to cover preventive care like mammograms and other cancer screenings.
Watch the promotional video here: .
For more information, visit:

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Penelope Poppers said...

We do have our proposed budget up, as well as our proposed 2 year plan. We are working on our website to make it easier to see an up-to-date actual budget. We are still working on our non-profit status, which means we won't be doing any big asks just yet. Generally, foundations don't grant to organizations without 501(c)3 status and large individuals donations don't come if it can't be written off on taxes.

Also, feel free to shoot an e-mail my way when you have questions about any of this. Then the info could be in the post, instead of in a comment, which people might miss.


Penelope Poppers