Thursday, March 01, 2012

Marching into a Rainbow Spring

Welcome to March 2012! The third month in the first quarter of the year which often coincides with some fiscal years ending and new one beginning. Its a some what turning month as everyone awaits the season to "turn" from Winter to Spring. COP 24/7 is not about to be left out of the yearly pivot as this forum continues to put our posting foot on the accelerator to keep bringing you more of what you have been asking for. More updates, observations, debate, shout outs, and opinion's on what's really going on in this State and city. We are doing our damn best to discover it and disclose our finding to our readers and allies. Don't forget that this forum was design with you in mind, feel free to share your thoughts, rants or questions. This our public square to share ideas, insights and inspirations for all to embrace and become empowered. Let's get to work...

Going Rouge: Renegades for the Cause

In case you've missed it, there's a local group that has gone rouge and decided that they wanted to be independent force dedicated to the art of "service," to their fellowman. Wow, what a concept! The emerging group, Renegades for the Cause has busted out of the left shoot with mucho gusto as they prepare for their first event March 8,  Miss Kitty's 307 West 7th Street in downtown Little Rock,  $6 cover, Doors open a 7pm. The event is being planned to assist some locals who have experienced an unfortunate loss due to burglary. According to the groups flier, they will be seeking financial assistance, household goods and other necessities that will help facilitate a better quality of life for the recipients. As a side note, this forum is proud of the fact that COP 24/7 may have been apart of the genesis of the outgrowth since we push for folks to "think outside the box" and take your energy where you passions lie. If these "Renegades" want to affect change through a direct service, then so be it. However, be warned that "being of service" is not for the faint of heart or those seeking to inhabit "ego towers." Being of service takes a full throated commitment and a unified vision of those involved that whatever they decide to accomplish it must be for the "greater good." The evening will feature many local faces as well as those who have been active otherwise with other community based groups. I want to congratulate these folks on breaking free of any chains that they thought may have been binding them. Doesn't it feel so good to be free to be whatever the hell you wanna be? Good luck and we'll be watching...

Women's History Month: Speaking Volumes to Headwinds

This month Women's History's rolls in on the heels of last month's Black History Month and not a moment too soon. Especially as the rhetoric and dogma surrounding women's health care issues including contreception and abortion rights are at a pitch fever. In the last few weeks there has been a ongoing tidal wave of ballot measure, legislation and political wrangling centered on public funding and perceptions of how that funding is to be used. Amazing as it seems in 2012, there have even been calls for "vaginal probes" to be used as a tactic to disuade some abortion candidates from choosing this legal practice. Then there's the brash battle being waged over contreception use which I thought was over and done with from decades ago. However, even Congress is in on the mash up with parading out all male expertise to testify about the issue while denying a real women from appearing before them. What a mess!! In the meantime as the month kicks off, this forum wanted to share an interested project from Tiona McClodden producer of the 2009 stimulating film "black.womyn." She and her producing partner Lisa C. Moore are promoting the "Untiled Black Lesbian Elder Project" in which the two are seeking to chronicle the lives and experiences of Black lesbians across the country. Keeping the flame of our LGBTQ history is vital since as those of us age out, it is those stories that the next generation need to be aware of and learn from. I'm always concerned with what my legacy will look like and how I will be remembered. Apart of that thought process is the reasoning for me continuing to chronicle my thoughts and observations on this platform. The project actually began last May but is still seeking proposals and funding to complete the project. COP 24/7 is posting their web info for your consideration. COP 24/7 is interested in being more engaged with offering more programming to serve this sector of our community. One of our first efforts will be to partner with The Living Affected Corporation on commemorating National Women's and Girls HIV Awareness Day which is officially recognized on March 10. An upcoming event will be finalized and announced in this forum within the coming weeks.  Remember its up to us to tell our stories and keep the beacons shining for the many that are to follow our paths. Happy Women's History Month!

Check out these links for more information and share your thoughts with these ground breaking film makers and producers.

The Untitled Black Lesbian Elder Project IndieGoGo Funding Campaign.

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