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Midweek Shuffle

70K Job opening Amidst ATL "Hot Mess"

At one point COP 24/7 thought that the long and winding road of office politics was truly a long and winding road in The Natural State's Arkansas Department of Health. But it seems that we are not alone in dealing with a system that often ebbs and flows without rhyme or reason. Such is the case it seems in the ATL. I received a link fron one of my favorite stringers, who alerted me to several articles about Georgia's public health madness and then some. Ironically as our local joint awaits it's own new epidemiologist to pass muster, it appears that the Georgia Department of Health is on the hunt for their own candidate. Of course at 70k surely they will find someone if Arkansas could find the same within a nifty price range from $48,000 to the top dog Chief Epidemiologist at $88,346.00. All this salary data is apart of the "Right 2 Know" database on (  Furthermore I found it amazing that ADH has 21 epidemiologist folks within its ranks and plus a bevy of other pros's such as a "Tuberculosis Control Officer" flanked at $138,000 while on the flip side a "PH Administrator," earning around $52,000. There's some large Benjamin's being dolled out twice monthly and I can't imagine the big dollars being put out by the GDH. Even as they search for personnel, there have been several stories citing their HIV/AIDS fight as a underfunded "mess." However, even more interesting was my discovery of the "Phat" funding pipeline that Georgia has received and will be receiving. It's eyebrow raising to say the least and deserves a "you go Girl's," salute.  Project Q Atlanta, the local tabloid has reported that nearly $70.29 million heading to Georgia is from the federal Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program and includes $3 million in emergency funds for the AIDS Drug Assistance Program and $21.58 million for metro Atlanta’s HIV efforts.

ADAP supplies AIDS drugs to low-income people. It receives a mix of state and federal funding, though in Georgia the program took a $100,000 cut last year in the nearly $12.5 million appropriation for ADAP. Activists wanted a $5 million boost.
It’s little wonder then that the state’s ADAP waiting list has more than doubled in less than a year, from about 800 people in December to 1,778 in September. (2011)

Plus the 12 Cities Project from the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services is delivering $1.33 million to the Georgia Department of Public Health, part of a larger $43 million handout across 11 cities and states. That cash is earmarked for developing and expanding primary care networks for programs serving racial and ethnic minorities at risk for HIV.

Then there’s AID Atlanta and Positive Impact. The two groups are among 34 community-based organizations that will split $55 million over five years from the Atlanta-based Centers for Disease Control & Prevention to expand HIV services for gay and bisexual men of color. Both groups were among those included in the funds when the grants were first announced last year; last week, the CDC added $10 million to the program.

AID Atlanta will receive $381,888 per year; some $250,000 per year is earmarked for Positive Impact, which recently relocated its offices to Midtown. According to the stats, Georgia is experiencing a jaw dropping incidence increases among men having sex with men in the people of color communities. Check out this story and the links to get the skinny on how other Southern states are faring within the AIDS Industrial Complex. From these numbers Arkansas looks like a "red headed step sister," waiting for a slow bus since it takes leadership and aggressive grantsmanship to bring home the real bacon.

For the rest of the story, read below...

It’s no secret that Georgia’s fight against HIV is just a mess of underfunded messiness. And your unemployed ass needs a job. Why not pair the two together and pick up a cool $70K a year?
Here’s your chance. The Georgia Department of Public Health is hiring an epidemiologist in its HIV unit. You need a Masters degree in public health or a “closely related field.” No word on whether being a gay slut counts as related. But before you dust off your cover email and hit send, we give our tips on how to address their preferred qualifications.
Experience in evaluating HIV/AIDS programs at state and local levels. Reviewed the process of getting an HIV test at Positive Impact or AID Atlanta on Yelp? You’re in.
Experience in implementing strategies and innovative programs. Opened, unwrapped and rolled a condom on with lube on your hands? In the dark? Points for you.
Experience developing and implementing a quality assurance system(s). What’s your secret for overcoming beer goggles at last call? A better system than slamming the door when a trick arrives who looks nothing like his profile pic? Extra credit.
Experience with building and monitoring database systems. Can you simultaneously cruise Grindr, Scruff and Jack’d while also checking Manhunt? You get an interview.
Hurry. You’ve got until Thursday to apply.

Diversity Convention Decision Pending

From all indications, it seems that Little Rock is being affirmed as the front runner for The National Association of Black and White Men Together's 33rd national convention. If the city is finally approved, the final July dates will be announced. Locally, NABWMT board member, C. Mabin will serve as Event Producer and will work to assemble a team of both individuals and community based organizations to bring the event to fruition. The tentative theme is " Uniting Bridges of Diversity." The week long event will feature empowerment sessions, demonstrations, keynote speakers, awards and receptions while showcasing the city. Currently volunteers, sponsors, and committed team members are now being recruited. If you are interested contact: nealix101@comcast,.net  For more information on NABWMT check out: for this year's convention in San Diego, California, July 16-21, 2012.

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