Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The Deep End of COP 24/7

Rolling out this forum on a daily basis has it's ups and downs, but since its become my ongoing obsession then I find myself rolling with the punches. Each day I keep finding new and interesting items to share with my audience. Often its hard to decide which way to go with what material or if its suitable for posting because it may not be timely. However, sometimes even if  its got past my radar, I try to find a connection or hook to make the item still relevant. All the blog content experts warn that keeping your site content fresh, tagged, rich in links and click through info will facilitate bringing those important "eyeballs" that are the life blood of any website. Currently according to those Google stats, we average around 70 to 100 page views during our production week. It seems that Wednesday's are good for many of you as the numbers spike mid-week and level off by the weekend. Most of our traffic is stateside but if you check out our live Feedjit tracker, you can see that we do have a global reach. Many times to cities and places that I have never heard of ! So there you have it, COP 24/7 busting it out daily with news, views and so much more of what I hope that you are looking for! Come follow us, bookmark, opt-in e-mail or RSS feed. Don't be left out of the COP 24/7 loop.

Welcome to the Neighborhood

From all indications there appears to be a new kid  on the block named Ryan Tiffin working under the banner, Out in the Rock, which proclaims on its Facebook page, "Little Rock's Premiere LGBT News and Media Coverage. Also it states that its mission is to "spread LGBT news through out the Central Arkansas area." Well now, isn't that interesting and a bold new idea! Of course, this certainly caught my eye since I've been "spreading LGBTQ news" going on some six years at this point. I guess these guys never got in my stream or caught the news loop that I've ramped up to now a daily feature. There's always room for more I guess, but producing a blog, printed magazine or any type of periodical is not for the faint of heart. I takes time, mucho effort, investment and above all patience to stay the course when you think no one or any one for that matter gives a damn about what you are doing or why. Fortunately, I get to hear from a tea cup of you whom share your reply, criticism, rebuttals or rants about what made the cut in this forum. Its been a hell of journey and keeping it going requires many assessments and reflections. I left a shout out on their FB page and will follow up with some additional reach out to get a better understanding of their mission. I believe that we do need as much media as possible since our issues only get "blink" coverage from mainstream outlets. Yet, it's our own fault that we have not fully cultivated allies within the news industry or other media entities that aid us in our search for news coverage. Therefore, it's now up to ourselves to create, produce, promote and support individuals who are trying to fill that niche. Too many times have I heard many of you pondering why we don't have a "news magazine or tabloid paper." In fact, my partners at The Living Affected Corporation has produced, Holistic Health Arkansas, book "Our Lives, Our Story and forthcoming, OMNIBUS health journal that are unique opportunities for both advertising support or purchase. If the community want its stories shared or issues highlighted then its got to do its part in bringing the financial push needed to make it happen. I said it before and here it again, " its put up or shut up about what's needed if you are not going to do anything about changing the situation." Good luck to Out in the Rock, we'll be keeping an eye out on what they are up too and as usual we'll bring it to you first. 

Diversity Conference A No Go in the Rock

In several postings this forum heralded the idea that The National Association of Black and White Men Together organization had chosen Little Rock as the site of its 33rd national convention site slated for July 2013. After a rounds of other cities being considered, this city was the only municipality to actual submit a formal bid and follow through on the process. Much transpired in discussions, follow-ups, research and other due diligence was done to support the effort. However, after a total overall assessment of the project local organizers had reservations and after thoughts about the return on the investment needed to helm the convention. Within these discussions, I as the lead connection to the event felt that I couldn't adequately justify any significant outcomes that would impact this city. Was it really worth the work of having this conference for the sake of having it when locals peppered me with questions such as:

1. What does NABWMT do?

2. What is their  mission and how does it relate to our community. Furthermore, once the convention is over what will it mean for our city?

3.What did they do in other cities and did it have any significance on those cities?

4. What programming does the organization offer and who are they actually helping?

And the questions kept coming. Therefore, a more in depth look had to made as to whether this entire venture was "one man's vision perhaps through lavender glasses" or would such a conference make a difference in uniting the local LGBTQ community and allies. Its no secret that fractures exist and we've been slowly finding some common ground to build upon. I came to the conclusion that wouldn't my community be better suited if I took my time and energy and continued to pursue making some change that I could actual visualize and comprehend. I surmised that there were plenty of projects that needed by full attention which would result in some tangibles such as periodicals, collaborations, participating in conferences already planned and taking my resources to where I could make the most impact. It became crystal clear that this approach should be the path to follow which is filled with fulfilling concepts, projects and initiatives that would allow me to help transform as well as build human capital in m own back yard. It was a privilege to be among those cities under consideration and subsequently selected, however, pursuing that course of action wasn't the best move to achieve the dynamic future that I'm preparing to embrace. Even though that effort is a no go, there's still plenty of opportunity for locals to volunteer, fund raise or come demonstrate your support as we transform communities through holistic health by providing education and advocacy. There's much work to be done and I will be looking to all of you to help us fulfill our mission.

Online coverage of aids 2012 kicks off with live webcast on sunday, july 22

In partnership with the International AIDS Society, the Kaiser Family Foundation is the official webcaster of the XIX International AIDS Conference (AIDS 2012) – the premier gathering for those working in the field of HIV, as well as policy makers, persons living with HIV and other individuals committed to ending the pandemic. Kaiser will provide online access to the daily developments that take place at the conference in Washington, D.C. beginning this Sunday, July 22.
Tune in to the live webcast of the Opening Session on Sunday, July 22 at 19:00 (7 p.m. ET). The Closing Session will also be webcast live on Friday, July 27 at 15:15 (3:15 p.m. ET). Throughout the conference, Kaiser will provide webcasts, podcasts (in English and Spanish) and transcripts of roughly 50 other conference sessions.

Additionally, on Friday, July 19, the Foundation and the Black AIDS Institute will present a webcast featuring leading conference speakers discussing expectations of the conference and on July 27, they’ll take a look at what was accomplished at AIDS 2012, what still needs to be done and begin to look ahead to AIDS 2014.
Kaiser's AIDS 2012 conference coverage, including live webcasts, will be available at www.kff.org/aids2012. Visit the page now to see a guide to conference coverage.

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