Monday, July 09, 2012

The Dot Bot Free Post

As a user of the Internet I never thought it would come to the point that I would have to become a "digital warrior" against pesky malware, "dot bot's" and manner of evil script that's tramping across the net. Unfortunately that reality has arrived front and center which requires me as a end user to become security savvy as well as more in tune with all things digital. If you have been reading the latest news cycle, you've learned that there has been a dastardly virus lurking in cyberspace that has infected computers globally. Since you are reading this item and thank god that you are, COP 24/7 stay vigilant on making sure that our systems were not affected. This was very important, due to the fact that believe it or not, we've had some strangeness involving folks up to no good who were messing around with this site and other associated platforms. I found it extremely interesting that Ukrainian computer geeks, sneakers or what have you decided to do some trolling through our neck of the woods. Who knew? But what I learned from this experience is the fact that no one is exempt from these digital web heads. With all that said, let's just say that it rough out here in cyberspace and COP 24/7 will be holding the firewall and then some. Now let's work....

The Advocate Endorses Obama

This year's election cycle is in full swing with Mr. Obama preparing to go to the political thunderdome with those with blood in their eyes as well as dripping from their lips. I've lived through many campaigns and I believe that this one will be among the most ugliest to date fueled with Billions of dollars from Romney sympathizers. Even in Greenwood, Arkansas there's been some distasteful rhetoric and imagery including a Arkansas Times report citing that a "family friendly" rodeo event had a "Obama" doll brought into the arena to be kicked and mauled by a bull as a rodeo clown kicked the doll as a CPR move. Towns folks said that they were outraged but according to police there were no reports to their offices. Such madness is just the tip of probably what's to come in this cycle. On the flip side, I was very interested in The Advocate's ( Obama endorsement and cover story of "In Obama We Trust" that bullet pointed the policy moving and shaking of his term.  I was also curious to the various viewpoints that filled their web page from readers whom either liked or was a hater of POTUS. Why I found this so interesting is because just a few months back, the level of sourness and venom waged against Obama from some sectors of the LGBT community was off the chain. Much of that verbiage existed still as Obama moved to be as inclusive in his administration and policies as he possibly could. It appears that his evolution on the marriage equality question became the tipping point for folks to give the man the credit he's always deserved in addressing many issues in the gay community. I would go to say that during his presidency he has been strident in reaching out and clearing pathways of inclusiveness. Has he been policy perfect, perhaps not but his track record as noted by The Advocate can be certainly seen as progressive and hard fought ranging from naming Amanda Simpson, the first transgendered person to the Commerce Department to gay pride events being held at both the Pentagon and CIA. I have no doubt that Obama has had the gay community on his agenda and pursued a course of action of assessments and strategics deploys of policies. Most of the accomplishments can be found on  and I applaud The Advocate for stepping to the plate to share their position and being fair in their approach. Let's rock the vote come this November.

Boot Scooting at the MK Corral

This forum does its best to post items about local events, organizational fundraisers and all sorts of stuff that's happening in this city and all over the state. To be honest, so many of these items often have so many "moving parts" that every now and then we get post wrong or sometimes I don't post it because of the difficulty of confirming participants or details. COP 24/7 has been around going on six years at the same e-addy while always seeking to be interactive to our readers and community at large.  Ultimately there's no possible way for myself to attend every event or produce content about it. Therefore, if those producing it don't provide timely announcements or PR, then I do what I can to make mention of it.  Its just that simple.

But in the meantime, its the recent Facebook shout out that I received from Luke Henley, some inquiring minds that wanted to know what I thought and also a post from Todd Chambers that got me to thinking that it seems that the "swinging doors" of the local bar scene continue to swing wildly. According a June 26 post from Chambers, he cited that "it had it hit him that he was no longer in charge of the bars tonight..." that confirmed to COP 24/7 that something was up. Not to mention that I had noticed numerous incidents and what appeared to me as a poor lack of attention. Of course, I can't point any fingers but let's be blunt, "it is was it is," and I'm not sure where all this is going. From a customer's point of view, the constant personnel changes makes one ponder "can no one find any satisfaction in this job?" Exactly how hard is it to pour a decent beer, know your pricing, make a drink correct or damn it learn to say "hello, thanks for coming in or how about I appreciate you and come back." For goodness sake, this ain't rocket science, brain surgery or creating world peace!

No one wonder the reports that I've been reading that "gay bars" are on their way to being extinct seem to keep getting confirmed. They are closing all over the country due to not only economics but societal shifts by both the gay community and society at large. Furthermore, I'm seeing it happen right before my eyes as folks keep telling me that "they have no use for the bars any longer." I ask why and the list is long and varied. However, what I've seen recently certainly adds fuel to the fire to discontent and in some cases an assumption that because its "open" they will come. This isn't a rant or bitch session but as a long term service professional and manager, I believe that I'm qualified to say that hiring an individual for the sake they are a warm body can be a fool hearty move. Especially if they simply don't posses, first the "personality" and secondly, certainly the skills needed to be an asset to your business.

Why should I bother to sit in front of person who doesn't appear to give a damn that I'm in the building or appears to me that I'm nothing more than a possible tip, not a valued patron. Why would I want my friends to have drinks that were served despite the CO2 tanks being empty? Or that I run across a fellow customer who said that they had been in the same venue several times, was served but made to feel as an outsider. How about going into two separate venues to find that neither has the product that I want and I made to feel that "I should get over it." I realize that every day can't be a "gold star" day but in the "public service" game, doing what you can to build a relationship with your clientele is vital to the lifeline of your venture. Its not to be taken for granted and I proud to say that I had built that relationship with Chambers during his tenure. I'm also proud to say that he worked tirelessly. This is not something that I heard, its what I know and saw. He was always pleasant, cooperative and a gentlemen which I'm find is very rare these days. I had high hopes but did worry that his energetic personality and willingness to try to "make it right" may not be appreciated and in the world of haters be the subject of his undoing.

As yet, I've not spoken to him personally because I wanted to allow him some room for reflection. But my nomination of him to receive a 2011 community service award was not in vain. In my opinion he gave it all his best including bringing his ebullient mother and warm father into our lives. I know personally that Its not easy being a "lightning rod"  and it can take its toll on you as a person as well as your partner whom also shared in his success. None of this easy and in today's rough and tumble, those who often care the most get brushed aside for the latest and greatest newby with another "bold new" idea. Let me be the first to say, I believe that it ain't "O-V-A!" Because I've learned and in fact I know, its all about "building lasting relationships" that will take you to the next level. I've come to know that Marine men are not taken down easy and when they decide to make a move, its a done deal. I'm not counting this guy out by no means. A lesson to be learned for the new  I don't take anyone for granted because it's never works out for anyone.

ENDGAME Reminder

PBS locally known as AETN (Channel 3) will air Endgame: AIDS in Black America, tomorrow at 8 p.m. The FRONTLINE special presentation, is a groundbreaking two-hour exploration of one of the country's most urgent, preventable health crises. The film traces the history of the epidemic through the experiences of extraordinary individuals who tell their stories: people like Nel, a 63-year-old grandmother who married a deacon in her church and later found an HIV diagnosis tucked into his Bible; Tom and Keith, survivors who were children born with the virus in the early 1990s; and Jovanté, a high school football player who didn't realize what HIV meant until it was too late. From Magic Johnson to civil rights pioneer Julian Bond, from pastors to health workers, people on the front lines tell moving stories of the battle to contain the spread of the virus, and the opportunity to finally turn the tide of the epidemic. If you want to volunteer, become a board member or share your treasure, this forum encourages you to consider The Living Affected Corporation at  and you can Check out a trailer at


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