Monday, July 30, 2012

Firecracker Monday

Talking about hotter than July, just won't do any more. The temp and attitude concerning the weather is now reach the "it hot as hell" level and then some. Despite the stifling heatwave that continues to rage on, COP 24/7 is undeterred in our efforts to keep putting it our there for your daily consumption. If you are not locked and loaded either through subscription, opt-in e-mail, RSS, bookmarked or on a daily check in routine, then you need to come follow the information leader for the LGBTQ community and beyond. It's COP 24/7, hot, live and otherwise. Let's go get em...

Clinton, AIDS and Arkansas

The International AIDS Conference bookended the week with the other "Clinton," in the presences of President Bill Clinton whom addressed attendees concerning his work done through his foundation. In true Clinton style and rhythm, he cited the tremendous amount of effort put into his drug price negotiations with manufactures which resulted in him stating that " there is "no excuse" for some HIV patients in Africa to not receive treatment." In an AP report, "Clinton said his organization, the Clinton Foundation, found treating HIV-positive patients in some African countries is less costly than previously thought.

Furthermore ,"Treatment costs an average of just $200 per patient per year. That includes the cost of drugs, diagnostic tests, personnel and outpatient costs. There is no excuse for failing to provide treatment to the remaining 10 million people in need," he said.  Clinton also shared his concerns about the disease shifting to the deep South in which he felt warranted much more attention. Even though I certainly applaud his movements in this area globally, it seems that his "star power" has not been fully engaged in raising awareness here in Arkansas. Of course there are numerous reasons and excuses to go around as to this situation ebbs and flows into the next decade. Local community based organizations have been forging ahead with meager funds and notable challenges and barriers that have stymied prevention effectiveness. This is most evident as the South has the highest rate of AIDS deaths of any U.S. region. It also has the largest numbers of adolescents and adults living with HIV and the fewest resources to fight the epidemic. Not to mention that Mr. Clinton's home state doesn't have a HIV/AIDS Prevention line item in its state budget, there appears to be no strategy on how to link those out of care into care and ultimately many of the necessary "dots" are simply not connecting as incidence conditions continue to rise and lives hang in the balance. Thanks Mr. Clinton for all that you've done, but could we get some of that full throated muscle state side.

Chicken and Equality

Chik-Fil-A Depreciation Day August 1st


Micah Qualls - Loved ally and key organizer in Little Rock's Chick-Fil-A Depreciation Day

We hope that folks who are able to be out for EQUALITY make a bee line to the front of their local Chik-Fil-A on August 1st. Former Governor Mike Huckabee has called on church folks to go and eat there that day to let the company know they are supported… We’d like to finish that sentence with “in their bigotry”. Take a stand and let our fellow Arkansans see the faces of real LGBTQ people.

CAR staff and many of our members will be at the Markham location in Little Rock joining our great ally Micah Qualls who has led the organizing on this event. Start time is 7am. So come before work, come at lunchtime (but not for a chicken sandwich!) or come by after work for the rush hour shift.

If you plan on coming please wear white (it reflects heat). And for those that have them wear your white CAR shirt or RYLI shirts. Wear a hat that isn’t black, use sunscreen, bring an umbrella for shade, duct tape a string on the back of your sign so you can wear it. You WILL get tired of holding it. Bring water. Also there is a Shell station right there that will have water and other beverages. And a “family” couple who live on the corner across from the Shell have offered their home s as a cooling station, restroom use, and they are providing water and iced tea.

The Fight for Marriage Equality

Marriage equality is on the ballot in multiple states across the country this fall – from Washington State in the west, to Minnesota in the midwest, to Maryland and Maine in the east.
In Washington, HRC is a proud founding member of the Washington United for Marriage coalition and continues to be a strong supporter in the efforts to defend marriage equality for all Washingtonians. In addition to the tremendous volunteer resources the local Seattle leadership provides on the campaign, HRC has donated a Field Director, eight additional field organizers, a Deputy Campaign Manager, a Communications Director and a Faith Director. Support our efforts!
In Maryland, HRC also is a founding member and leader of Marylanders for Marriage Equality, the coalition campaign working to defend marriage in the Free State. HRC is dedicating staff, resources and coordinating volunteers and phone banks. Find out about volunteer opportunities with the campaign or donate to HRC’s special fund to defend the marriage equality law in Maryland.
HRC also has six staffers on the ground in Minnesota, where we’re a part of the Minnesotans United for All Families coalition. In Minnesota, NOM-affiliated groups are staunchly pushing a state constitutional amendment that would ban committed, loving same-sex couples from marrying one another. We need your support - visit HRC’s Minnesota Family Freedom PAC and help defeat this discriminatory amendment.
Groups like NOM and their allies will stop at nothing to roll back our previous victories and prevent us from advancing equality. Get involved now and help these critical states protect marriage equality or prevent discriminatory bans.

Stay tuned to COP 24/7, we are not nearly through with any this and so much more....!!!


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