Thursday, July 19, 2012

The Deep End of COP 24/7 Completes

Jackson Awarded
SREB-AGEP Doctoral Scholars Program

Damond Jackson is the first recipient of the SREB doctoral scholar’s award from the University of Central Arkansas. He is a PhD student in an Interdisciplinary Leadership Studies program at the university, the first and only one of its kind in the state, and one of few in this region of the country. Damond’s research focus is on Arkansas government agency effectiveness in HIV prevention relative to black MSM’s. He will offer the benefits of his academic acumen by serving as research and development consultant for LA Corps. the National Science Foundation (NSF) provides support services from the SREB-State Doctoral Scholars Program to minority graduate students in the NSF Alliances for Graduate Education and the Professoriate (AGEP) program.
The grant supports an initiative between the AGEP program and the SREB-State Doctoral Scholars Program (a partnership that includes SREB states, other regional educational organizations, and federal and foundation programs that stress strengthening minority graduate education). The grant from the National Science Foundation achieves two broad goals for AGEP scholars: 1) increases the likelihood of completing a Ph.D. in science, technology, engineering or mathematics; and 2) encourages and prepares scholars for a career as a successful college faculty member.
By joining forces with SREB, AGEP alliances encourage their minority graduate students nationwide to earn doctoral degrees and become college and university faculty members. COP 24/7 congratulates Mr. Jackson on this recognition and his bold visions as apart of his consultative work with The Living Affected Corporation. Young, Gifted and Black men such as Mr. Jackson stand out as a beacon of hope to all within the same gender loving community and beyond.

Arkansas advocates, activist, stakeholders, allies and others have been provided with the newly created "Aware + In Care 2 Prevent HIV  t-shirts crafted by local humanitarian Mr.Bob Coffey will be leading the Arkansas delegation whom will be in Washington DC for the International AIDS Conference, July 22-27. Coffey has asked that those who have acquired the shirts join the delegation in solidarity by wearing their shirts to promote HIV awareness, treatment, and prevention. Coffey has been an ardent activist in the struggle to make the connection that "treatment is prevention" while highlighting that over 4, 617 Arkansans are not currently in a care continuum. 
Although apart of many efforts both statewide and regional, Coffey considers himself a volunteer activist void of any particular affiliation. His self promoted campaign encourages individuals who  may not accessed a t-shirt, to consider calling their State Representatives in the House and Senate, and ask them to ensure that all HIV positive citizens are IN-CARE. This vital political "call to action" comes on the heels of the Ryan White Authorization listening tour and citizens comment period.
COP 24/7 will join the effort and will be following the Arkansas delegation while they are participating in numerous capacities in the nations capital. Stay tuned for more updates and information forwarded from the crew.  
Below is a link to a article describing why we are all in this effort.

Afterhours Networking Launches
The Board of Directors of The Living Affected Corporation has announced the launch of a "Afterhours Networking" event to begin August 1 from 6 to 9 pm at the organizations offices, 401 Maple Street, Suite A (First Presbyterian Church of North Little Rock). The event is designed to invite allies, supporters and sponsors to further understand LA Corp's vision and mission of "transforming communites through holistic health by providing education and advocacy." Chief Operating Officier, C. Mabin stated, " It very important that we share our organizational story which is ripe with lessons learned." He continued, " Our goal is to make a connection with our allies and supporters that will allow us to bring others into wanting to help us effectively impact our clients with holistic outcomes." Currently the organization has been in a re-tooling phase which included creating this event to scale up its strategic planning initiatives such as future board development, assessing funding streams, donor acquistion and retension plus further defining its position as a statewide organization that is informed and connected to changing the social construct of the community served by providing basic human rights. As a Arkansas Department of Health sub-grantee, The Living Affected Corporation has been the premiere organization addressing HIV /AIDS in the Black MSM community through its impending D-Up intervention diffuison, individual free HIV testing, serving as a community service outlet for those in the judical system and offering technical assistance throughout the city. The event is free. For more information contact: 501.379.8203 or 877.902.7HIV

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