Friday, July 20, 2012

The Moral Compass Spins Out

Gun fire in the U.S. of A

Its happend again. The reality check that our modern day "gotham" still continues to impacted by those who teeter in the realms of mental madness or social deconstruct, hell bent on unleashing their fury upon the innocence and unsuspecting that often times seeking places of refuge from their daily grinds. The news came fast and furious as we learned about the onslaught of murder and chaos that took place in Aurora Colorado last evening at a local movie multiplex presenting a midnight showing of the summer release of the Dark Knight Rises the third installment of the Batman trilogy. For some unknown reason, the assailant burst into the theater prepared to become a one man vigiante draped in commando garb, armed with an arsenal of weapons, bullets and a deadly agenda for those in attendance. As far as I'm concern, this is not about the subject matter of a mere movie, but rather the unraveling of individual within our society and our reaction to his not only his deeds but what perhaps drove him and all manner of his type to this brink of destruction.

As all news sources went into overdrive and cringe factor plus the horrific events unfolded, I kept thinking haven't I've seen this movie before. This carnage is just another in a succession of incidents and terrioristic events that my senses have been subjected too over the years. Again, its a demented indvidual who has accessed our open marketplace for all types of guns including assualt riffles, multiple bullet clips and enough ammo to support a small army. Tragic as it is, our perfect cauldron of not dealing with mental health gaps, societal dysfunctions, showcases of violent displays in both live and digital programming, and ultimately the issue of multi firing arament that are meant for theaters of war continuing to be legal purchases. I fully understand the passion  the bearing arms mantra, but what I don't understand is the lack of political will from our elected officials as well as those elected not being allowed to be what's needed most during these critical times which is basic leadership. And so, as this next face of terror is charged, tried and sentenced, I ponder exactly what other outcomes will occur before the next jarring incident takes place after this attack fades to black. Condolesces to those families and love ones who are now dealing with the aftermath. Our prayers to the city of Aurora and the people of Colorado who will gather together to rise above this unfortuante sign of the times. For a historical perspective on gun violence in the USA check out the following link: or check out 

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