Friday, July 13, 2012

Two Snaps in A Circle and More

nhat week its been and then some. July days are whizzing by with a quickness. Its almost maddening! Each day brings about a list of items that either need doing, in progress or need to be caught up on. Just where does a fellow find the time to accomplish all this stuff and then produce this little exercise in free speech to boot. But somehow, some way it happens and has been happening for some 900 post and over 250,000 words! Wow, who knew I had in me to keep the pace, passion and persistence to kicking it out you, you and yes my pretty you too! Now without further delay or any of that Friday the 13th high jinxs, let's work...!

Compassionate Medical Marijuana Program Rolls Up

The signatures have been rolled into the Secretary of States office concerning putting the issue of medical marijuana on the ballot this fall. According to their press information the group Arkansans for Compassionate Care submitted 65.413 raw signatures that will be validated by SOS staff. The group anticipates that during the validation period they plan to continue seeking additional signatures to thwart any signatures that may not pass muster. To assist in the effort they are seeking to pay individuals $1.50 per valid signature. Also their will some bonus level payout that will be available during the 40 days allowed for collection. ACC states that polls show that 70% of Arkansans support medical marijuana, furthermore they believe that they have a real chance of being the first state in the South to have a compassionate medical marijuana program. Of course, I've got mixed feeling about this approach but it seems that there is some engaging possibles for those suffering from conditions such as "Nausea, appetite loss, pain, and anxiety … all can be mitigated by marijuana. Although some medications are more effective than marijuana for these problems, they are not equally effective in all patients." [p. 159] as cited by the Marijuana Policy Project. The MPP website ( has "marijuana 101" information to support the why and why not for its use. Governor Beebe has stated his lack of support and commented that he worried about it being abused. On the other hand maybe this could be helpful in several ways such as becoming a controlled crop that could be apart of our agriculture mix. In California, actual cannabis outlets serve those who have prescription and maybe, just maybe this could be some new form of commerce? Anyway, no matter where you stand or what you think of it, this group is hell bent on trying to get the issue on the ballot for the general  public to respond too. As matters develop, we'll keep you posted. ( )

Know Not Campaign Garners Attention

The Know Not micro campaign from the group STRILITE in reference to the HIV Testing Day release of the Arkansas Department of Health's "Know Now" HIV prevention marketing launch has been making the rounds of advocates, activist and allies. The smart and savvy slide show was posted to YouTube and was shared widely with the groups network and beyond. The presentation response to what the group saw as an omission of same gender couples and the seemingly lack of compassion of the images used. Central to the groups outcry was also the fact that although some of these images were produced otherwise, they were not presented to the public during the "press conference." ADH officials offered a nebulous explanation supported by citing un-named sources responsible for the oversight. Subsequently, the circulation of the video resulted in a variety of observations and dialog as to the significance of the issues. Currently additional conversations and discussion are being planned to address the future progress of the campaign and its impact within the LGBTQ community. If you haven't had a chance to catch the flick, then click it to:

Summer Reading is Fundamental

I read a lot and I mean a lot of stuff ranging from Net blurbs
to stuffy proposals or funding announcements. Its all relevant to my every day existence of not only staying inform but educated about current affairs and hot button topics. But every now and then I get notice of new books or titles being penned by those who sit big chairs similar to my own. So when I get a chance to toot someones horn or make notice of their works, I'm johnny on the spot to do so. Case in point, Mr. Wyatt O'Brian Evans a new acquaintance has alerted me to his latest book, "Nothing Can Tear Us Apart- Uncensored," blowing up come July 17.  As I was doing some searches I did notice that there was another version under this title published in January 2009.  As I understand, the premise will continue to involve Wesley Kelley, a successful gay, black actor and business mogul. Wesley wants and needs a friend and lover to make his world complete, and when he meets Antonio Rios, his new bodyguard, his wishes are answered. But local drug lord Ruffkut is incensed when Wesley refuses to join the gangster's evil schemes. Ruffkut moves to rip Wesley and Antonio's budding relationship asunder. According to the LuLu website the book is a compelling look at the issues and challenges facing gay men of color in today's world. Certainly this issue couldn't come at a more important time as same gender loving men are facing alarming increases of HIV/AIDS infection rates but also dealing with a plethora of social determinants that play significantly in their relationships and every day lives. According to Evans he will be touring with the book and doing additional informational sessions related to the topics of intimate violence and its devastating affects. It all sounds like some good reasons to get a good cocktail and hit the lounger. Evans has promised COP 24/7 some inside info and breaking news about his new venture. So as I look forward to that, you keep it locked and loaded to COP 24/7 for latest news, views and so much more!

LA Corp Re brands and Scales UP

Congrats to The Living Affected Corporation on its impending re-launch of its brand with a newly refreshed logo, mission and vision statements and strategic planning setting goals for the next five years of growth. Also the organization is repopulating its board of director with new directors that will undergo board training within the next few weeks to assist with setting policy, procedures and oversight of the agency. New board member Devarian Anderson said "I'm glad to be on board and looking forward to learning everything that I can about how to take our mission to the next level. I'm committed to doing what I can to help push forward the message that HIV is preventable and how individuals can access our services." The organization has been an incubator to the emerging STRILITE organization that was formed from the mother ship entities HIV prevention initiative. The group responded to a request for sub grantee funding related to HIV Awareness Days that will occur throughout the year to act as funding instrument for its activities.

 A HELP Fair is scheduled for September 28, from 12 pm to 6, Argenta Church, 401 Maple. The event is designed to be a one-stop shop for those seeking assistance based on the organizations "H.E.F.TE." ( housing, education, food, treatment and employment) concept. The publishing arm of the organization has also produced "Omnibus" the first LGBTQ health journal
featuring articles and resource material. Also forthcoming will be additional issues of its Holistic Arkansas health guide with updated content and fresh appeal including a search contest for individuals to be on the cover of the periodical.

Planning is also underway on future fundraisers, collaborations with other local community based organizations, Business Afterhours networking event, re-vamping its website and scaling up it blogsite ( ). Anderson concluded that our vision statement cites LA Corp as "the statewide organization that is informed and connected to change the social construct of the community we serve by providing basic human rights."  He added, " we believe that our mission is simple, "transforming communities through holistic health by providing, education and advocacy."  If you are interested in volunteer opportunities or donating either in-kind or monetarily, check out the secured Pay pal portal at For advertising opportunities in Omnibus or Holistic Health Arkansas reach out to 1.877.902.7HIV or hit em up at  Let them hear from you today!


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