Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Out the Gate Tuesday

The Olympic cauldron has flamed out and the political games have a new team player a Paul Ryan enters the thunder dome in search of political gold this fall. COP 24/7 keeps coming out the gate, firing on all levels and taking no prisoners! Its more of what we hope that you are looking for and then some. Now let's bring it....

Political A-Go-Go 2012

GOP Presidential candidate Mitt Romney decided to try to change to channel with his big top announcement of Paul Ryan as his running mate in his bid to be the leader of the free world. I watched all this pageantry only to hear Romney flubb his grand pronouncement citing Ryan as the next "President of United States..," but meaning to say VP. Its so Romney as I've come to expect and probably there will more of these stumbles to come. Just as the news was breaking, everything went into high gear on all levels to either herald the twosome or kick round that "bro-mance" term that seems to be getting some acceptance. From all angles as well as talking heads galore, Ryan has already been getting the hot glare of the spotlight about every aspects of his life. His budget mash up especially his slice and dice of Medicare have been flash points that will take a whole lot of explaining to the electorate. Romney himself has been in my opinion reminds me of a Max Headroom character sort of talking and twitching about without making a whole lot of sense. However, there's a lot about politics that not making a lot of sense these days but as the plans, speeches, debates and all manner of political hi-jinx's such as the photo included roll out, you can best believe that some it will land here.

Comprehensive Plan Presented to ARCPG

Last Friday the states Community Planning Groups Comprehensive Plan spearheaded by Diedra Levi of The Living Affected Corporation was presented at the monthly meeting of Arkansas Community Planning Group. According to Levi, "this plan was a culmination of fact finding, assessments, statistics, epi data and summarized as tool to denote our challenges and future needs." She concluded, " It was my intention to utilize the expertise of all collaborators and the resources available to compile this important snapshot of HIV and AIDS in Arkansas."  The plan will act as a conduit to the impending jurisdictional plan that will be produced by the Arkansas Department of Health. As mandated by the Center for Disease Control, each state is required to developed a plan that will provide a jurisdiction-wide document that should address all HIV prevention activities and inform decisions about how all HIV prevention funds are to be used, including federal, state, local, and, when possible, private resources. Arkansas receives under two Million dollars in funding. With approximately $350,000 pushed into the community for prevention interventions and programming. Activist and Advocates cite that this funding level is inadequate and the plan highlights the need for funding realignment to meet targeted populations.

If a jurisdiction implements more than one CPG, the comprehensive plan should summarize any multiple or regional plans into one document. The plan, whether designed to be a one- or multi-year document, must be updated annually. As the health department's federal funding for HIV prevention is on a five-year cycle, the CPG's final plan for the 2004-2008 project period should guide the development of the next five-year funding cycle (January 2009-December 2013).

The objective of the plan is to guide how HIV prevention programs in the jurisdiction should respond to the HIV epidemic in implementing HIV prevention community planning, partner counseling and referral services (PCRS), health education/risk reduction (HE/RR), capacity building, evaluation, and other health department activities conducted under Program Announcement #04012 (2004-2008), HIV Prevention Projects, Notice of Availability of Funds. The plan must consider all HIV prevention activities regardless of funding. Thus, it is important for the CPG(s) to know and understand the extent and array of prevention funds that will be allocated as a result of both the health department's and other funders' implementation of the CPG's target population priorities and set of prevention activities/intervention, as described in the Comprehensive HIV Prevention Plan. (source: www.cdc.gov/hiv/topics/cba

Community Pouring 911 Tea

From all indications there's something up at Club GoodTimes as some conversations circulate concerning an apparent "community meeting" on the destiny of the Asher street night spot and its impact within the same gender loving community. Unfortunately this forum wasn't aware of the actual meeting but as I've stated previously there's plenty of sources to learn about such meetings and their intentions. From what can be deciphered, club owner A. Richardson requested or suggested a "meeting of the minds" sort of activity to determined why the entity has suffered attendance downturns, what I assume are "perception issues," and probably a host of bad best business practices that may have sent folks streaming away in droves. However, if this is the scenario then let me speak to some of this from a personal standpoint. Especially since I have stopped in from time to time with varying experiences.  From the onset Its' been my experience that the whole enterprise is not a welcoming venue from the jump. Shadowy parking situations, individuals sort of hanging on the lot, and security types with very little say. On one of my last visits, I was questioned by the door person as to "did I know what went on up in there?," "was this my first time visiting," and was I from the area.  I thought, Really? Upon reaching the bar area, I requested my beer brand only to be told that they didn't have it. Then, I stated "what do you have?" After learning the choice, I was told that I would have to wait because the bar didn't have money to make change for my bill. Shall we go on? On a subsequent visit I was approached by another patron which asked me about my fashion choice, my age bracket and why I had chose to show up that evening. I was further alienated on another occasion as the owner allegedly bought a round drinks for the house and literally left me out even though there was only a blessed few in the place at the time. Is anybody getting this? If not then perhaps much of what I have experienced and certainly much of what I've heard including numerous incidents of violence, threats, over the top dissing from the microphone and many additional folks especially leaving gay black men feeling dismissed is ripe for any business to suffer. Taking your customers, patrons or visitors for granted is a definite recipe for mutiny and ultimately desertion. If I was this owner, I would take a hard look at my personal involvement and or behavior, review my operations, assess my business model, and don't forget strategies to an endgame if its your time to move on. Sounds like a plan to me. Enough said. If there are additional meetings or outcomes, we'll let ya know when we discover them.

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