Friday, August 31, 2012

Throw Down Friday

According to National Stonewall Democrats (NSD) website it has identified at least 534 official LGBT participants for the 2012 Democratic National Committee Convention in Charlotte, NC next week. This record number of participants represents a marked increase in LGBT participation from four years ago in Denver where just over 350 LGBT participants were identified. And yes, even Arkansas has a first time participant which NSD cites as "meeting goal" of those jurisdictional expectations. At post time COP24/7 speculates that either the Honorable Kathy Webb or Dr. Jay Barth both of Little Rock is that "one" possible delegate. (  ) Although this representation is applauded. Its no secret that Obama didn't carry the state in 08 and will not carry it in 2012. Also interesting in this mix is the amount of local LGBT anti-Obama rants that have been circulating from social media to e-mail jokes, picture's and other insensitive material about a candidate that has made significant steps in including the LGBTQ community.
"What an amazing and inspiring convention this will be," said Jerame Davis, Executive Director of National Stonewall Democrats. "With over 530 LGBT participants identified for this year's convention, we not only set a new record for LGBT participation in a national convention, we have sent the clearest message possible that the Democratic Party is the party of inclusion." From indications the activities surrounding the convention will have a very different tone and apparent "openness" to its environment.
"Dedicated activists," continued Davis, "including those at the DNC and National Stonewall Democrats, made this historic moment possible by doggedly insisting that LGBT people have a seat at the table and by demonstrating the strength our community can bring to party politics. We didn't sit around wishing for a better Party, we made the Party better for LGBT people."
Pride in the Party, National Stonewall Democrats' program to increase LGBT participation at conventions and within the various state and national Democratic Party organizations, was launched in 2007 with director Rick Boylan at the helm.
Of course all of this comes on the heels of the completion of the GOP Big Top extravaganza held last week in Tampa. It was three nights of "all things" right wing not to mention "wing nut" messages for their base and possible converts. With all that was said including that odd Clint Eastwood mash-up, its time to move on to Charlotte for Act 2 of this season's political thunderdome! You can view the entire list of those representing Arkansas at the the link provided above. If you are not registered to vote, then by golly it's high time that you do so.
2012 Democratic National Convention LGBT Participation by the Numbers
Total LGBT Participants: 534
LGBT Delegates: 486 (116.27% of goal; 8.15% of the 5963 total delegates expected in Charlotte.)
LGBT Alternates: 23
LGBT Committee Members: 20
LGBT Pages: 5
Jurisdictions that met or exceeded goal: 38
Jurisdictions that missed their goal: 15
Jurisdictions that met or exceeded their 2008 LGBT participation: 44
Transgender participants: 11 (7 delegates, 3 committee members, 1 alternate)
Other notable facts
Three states are sending LGBT delegates for the first time:
- For the first time, all 50 states set numerical goals for LGBT delegates
- For the first time, there will be at least one LGBT delegate from every state
- The largest LGBT delegation is from California with 76 total LGBT participants
- 6 States are sending 1 LGBT delegate (AK, ID, KS, MS, ND, VT)

Frank Ocean to Perform on "SNL" Fall Premiere

Frank Ocean's June 9 television debut on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon was apparently so successful that NBC has decided to entrust him with their marquee musical performance slot. If you have not been in the know, Ocean created a somewhat "sensation" on his  Jimmy Fallon step off with his ground breaking music. I've listened to some of his "Channel Orange" drop and I found it quite, "let's just say "interesting."  Ocean has been announced as the musical guest on 38th season premiere of Saturday Night Live on September 15th. Family Guy creator Seth McFarlane will host.

That will happen only nine days after another high profile television gig. The hip-hop singer/songwriter has been announced to perform September 6 at the 2012 MTV Video Music Awards, where his "Swim Good" video is nominated in three categories. Rihanna will also perform.
2012_08_29_Channel_Orange_200Frank Ocean's major-label debut channel ORANGE debuted July 10 on digital and made No. 1 on iTunes in 10 countries. The album has attracted critical reviews, international attention and much support after Ocean revealed that the songs were inspired by his first love—another young man. Ocean posted on his Tumblr on July 3 to deliver an account of his same-sex relationship. After being at the center of a media firestorm for weeks, Ocean told The Guardian that he decided to open up about his sexuality for his "own sanity."
"I'm happy when I wake up in the morning, and not with this freakin' boulder on my chest," said Ocean. "I wished at 13 there was somebody I looked up to who would have said something like that, who would have been transparent in that way."
channel ORANGE marks the first time an out artist has topped the R&B or hip-hop charts.

New Music: Anita Baker - 'Lately'

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It's been seven years since R&B-jazz singer Anita Baker released a studio album. Actually, if you don't count her 2005 holiday album, where she covered classic Christmas tunes, it's been eight years, going back to the September 2004 release of My Everything, which was her sixth album, and her first for her  current label, Blue Note Records. But that musical drought is expected to come to an end later this year when Blue Note releases her upcoming project, Only Forever, on Oct. 23, 2012. And the first single off the album is a tune that' should already be familiar to devoted R&B fans: a remake of "Lately," the beautifully lush love song that was originally a hit for model-turned-singer (turned actor) Tyrese Gibson in the late '90s. As Anita's remake shows, she may have been away for awhile, but she clearly hasn't lost her passion for music or singing. This is actually one of two versions of the song; the other, which is a duet featuring Tyrese himself, is due for release at a later date. For now, you can stream Anita's solo version via the link below. "Lately" audio stream (via  From the COP 24/7 point of view and as La Baker devotee, I have almost all her music in numerous forms ranging from those old cassettes to downloads. I simply have held on to it in all delivery forms and do listen in all mediums.  No matter, Baker's return to the music scene is not a minute too late for my listening taste. I've always loved her smoky siren of a voice that calls to your senses from the shadows of pleasure and desire. Her far reaching and full throated stances of her past work such as "No one in the World" from her "Rapture" CD to "You Belong to Me," from her "Rythem of Love," works have always been among my favorites. Her music is timeless Baker's capabilities as singer whom weaves notes into cresendo estacy is among the best and often stands alone in her own right. The song "Lately," proves that although Ms. Baker took a music sabattical doesn't mean that she lost her luster to descend upon her fans ready to charm them into a melodic euprhoria. 

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