Monday, August 13, 2012

Raging the 24/7 Newscycle

It's another Monday and the news cycles have been in overdrive with breaking news, updates, trending items and the usual information tidal waves that pound our senses into submission. The only escape is to either put your head into the sand, explode your viewing device or run screaming into the nearest street because it seems like everything is "news" whether you like it or not. No matter how mundane or the extreme of the fringe, some how, some where by some one, its going to be reported. Of course here in the cyberblink of the Internet, it's all about "hit it and quit it," as this forum does it best to have three core items and follow ups if needed or perhaps links or video that can say much before that reader decides to click through otherwise. Due to our production schedule, COP 24/7 takes the zip line approach to share our content in a fast paced, concise yet informative format. This platform is not about chiming in on everything and anything that going on in the world. Its just not possible nor is it necessary since there are tremendous streams of information flowing from all directions. It's our unique take on "what's really going on" supported by our commitment to inform, educate and entertain. If you are not following us, subscribing, opt-in e-mail, RSS feed or bookmarking us, then what are you waiting for? COP 24/7 now in its sixth year of servicing the LGBTQ community and beyond. Thanks for your support and keep checking in for our latest postings!  Now let's work...!!

VOTE or DIE 2012

According to the Rock the Vote website ( "11,500 young people turn 18 every day." Therefore, each day we have a new set of citizens whom need to get registered and involved in the democratic process of governing our country be choosing its leadership. Studies have shown that despite many the many Americans eligible to vote, many of them simply don't. An item on states that, "The percentage of people who vote all depends on the election and its candidates. Back in 1992, a total of 61 percent of registered voters actually voted in the election to decide between President Bill Clinton and President George Bush, Sr. Four years later, we saw a rather sizable drop to 54 percent in the 1996 presidential race. Many people attribute the drop in voters to Clinton's approval rating, but as with most everything, this is up for debate. When Vice President Al Gore went up against President George W. Bush, we saw a rise in voters hitting the polls, moving from the aforementioned 54 percent up to 60 percent. Come 2004, we experienced yet another rise, increasing the percentage to 64 percent of registered voters voting in this presidential election." Unfortunately in 2012, there have been distinct moves to create "voter suppression" efforts with also "voter ID'" rules being instituted plus early voting in some districts being reduced. The United States Election Project reported that only 52.5% of eligible Arkansas voters went to the polls in the 2008 general election. It appears that half of the states citizens spoke for the entire state while others for various reasons ranging from education levels, socio-economics to down right apathy sat our that election and most likely will repeat the behavior in 2012. Yet, not matter what your politics, this year's general election will be critical to the future of the country and the vitality of many of the initiatives passed by the Obama administration. Even though their have been some well placed mentions in the local LGBTQ community, no distinct formal campaign has been announced as yet. However, some community based groups have considered marginal participation and this platform will seek further info on their efforts. COP 24/7 urges all of our readers to register or at least get one additional person to register and get them to the polls this November 6. Everyone will be needed to cast that "one person, one vote" power this fall. For more info on registering go to . Stay tuned to COP 24/7 for additional links, videos and updates on rocking the 2012 vote.

The Business of a Legacy

I never know just what will fall into my e-box or cross my radar as I prepare to produce this forum. I was intrigued and somewhat bemused at a series of Facebook post that caught my attention and seems like the info needed to make the cut at COP 24/7. Central to those posting was the issue being raised about the impending Miss Gay Arkansas Review show slated for this Friday at Triniti Nightclub on Jessie Road and "delete" tactics used to seemingly skirt any questions about the matter that some passed royalty were not tapped for performances. Now let's be clear, its always so difficult to determine the tone of certain decision made, why they occurred or the interpretation of such decisions. There could be numerous reasons ranging from scheduling, production values, space, vision of the producer or titleholder. I've had some experiences with this type of dissension and discussion while being apart of these events. As the reigning titleholder at DSRA, I took the lead in making the competition event happen from my viewpoint because that was as it should have been and in the MGAR review show case this is most likely is the same situation. With my leadership being challenged I stood steadfast in my decisions, regardless of a never disclosed or discussed regulation that was brought about in a silly attempt to make a moot point at that junction. I survived others who had a difference of opinion not to mention that attitudes ran amuck consequently allowing garbage verbiage to be circulated without any substantial rhyme or reason. Apparently the poster felt that there should have been more formers included among Kelly Cruise, Debbye Taunts, Vicki Valentine, Shanel Herrington, Kamrin Mikaels, and Miss Gay Arkansas 2011 Zia D'yor whom are slated to perform. But if this cast mix was seen as the best crew for the evening why not just go with it? If other titleholders want to attend with the prospects of being recognized at some point during the evening then so be it. I question if the show would be any better or attended depending on parading out a never ending cast during their "greatest hits." Another twist in this mash-up that I discerned is what appears to be some lack of best business practices being used and meager resources in the Board of Directors coffers. I had heard a minute ago about an increase in the level of commitment being imposed on current "symbol of excellence" board members without much warning or knowledge. But in usual fashion and I severely learned this in 2001 while taking a turn as a pageant winner for the then MGNLR pageant. At that time no one wanted  to confirm much or be men with opinions about a foolish attempt to call into question my personal "integrity" for the fear of some type of exclusion. I've always been about the position that "if you don't stand for something, you will fall for anything," that includes bullshit explanations or trumped up rules and regulations. I rebuffed that stupidity and move forward while still being one of the most recognizable community leaders.  As I understand there was much push back and lots of growling about being required to either "step up or step off" the board if you couldn't deliver. If any of these guys had a better understanding of how a real board works, then they would know that being apart of a board means being financially responsible for the entity. Being a board member is not about social climbing or being in the clique. Its all about determining the course of the organization through policies, procedures and bringing in the Benjamin's through your resource networks. Therefore, the "job" of keeping the MGRA legacy alive and flourishing lies with those whom signed on as its business representative after wearing the crown. Since this is the 41st outing of the pageant, I would suggest engaging some strategic planning sessions culminating in a five year plan as to the vision, mission and survival of this entity. Let's just say if they need some help, then maybe they should do a shout it to COP 24/7 for some leads. In the meantime, congrats to those whom qualified and big props to Miss D'Yor on holding it together all the way to the endgame. Check out for times, ticketing and qualifiers. (pictured from the left: Diamond Rose, Veronica Duvall, Chole Jacobs, Lisa Laws, Blaze Duvall, Diamond Dior, Veronica Adams and Jazmyn Turrelle.)

The Info ZIP Line

The community picnic being coordinated by CAR has announced October 13 with the actual location to be determined. If you are interested in participating in this event hit em up at: or 501-244-9690

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