Friday, January 11, 2013

A Friday Fly Over

And now for its time for a diversion as if we really need one...Ladies and Gents and all those who haven't decided, COP 24/7 goes left for the first time in 2013. In other words let the absurdity and fringe crap start to roll out as we all have come to expect. Let's go for it....

Django Unchained: Another Oscar Nominated Hot Mess

As the Academy Awards announced its slate of nominees, Django Unchained was given a favorable nod for Best Pictures. However in the mix of that news was also the unveiling of product marketing of the movie featuring "slave action figures" from the film. The film directed by Quentin Territino which has earned over 106 Million Dollars according to  also stars Academy Award winner Jamie Fox, Leonardo Dicaprio and Samuel L. Jackson. Foxx plays the title character Django, a freed slave on a blood-soaked mission to free his wife, Broomhilda, played by Kerry Washington. The controversial movie pinched nerves with its liberal use of the "N" word and its over top spin on the holocaust of slavery. To add to the films edgy mix, a line of eight-inch tall figurines based on both the Black and White main characters launched by the Weinstein Company and the National Entertainment Collectibles Association sparked a frenzy of heated discourse on social media networks and spurred a coalition of commentators including MSNBC TV Personality Rev. Al Sharpton and filmmaker Spike Lee.

At post time, the dolls were available on Amazon. com and however as the outrage rolls out including talks of boycotts continue, I feel confident that they might be pulled from distribution. It was reported that the an announcement about the dolls had been made prior to the movies release, yet I don't recall hearing about it but since I have many other things to do, I'm sure that it escaped my timely radar. Yet, as the movie rolled out in December and now is embroiled in controversy around another fact that none of lead Black actors were nominated for any awards, It seems that nothing has deterred movie goers from seeing the film. I have not seen the film as of yet, since I don't get to the theater as often as I use too, but I"m sure that I'll find time to see this supposedly "best picture" of a decidedly dark period in American history. 


Alright so FACEBOOK is the behemoth that just won't quit. It keeps barn storming across the technical landscape in a damn near unstoppable manner and unbridled swagger that no one seems capable of challenging. OK. I accept that notion, since it appears that everyone who is anyone seems to obsessed with bringing their "reality lives" to the news roll on a daily basis. 
Although I use the platform to promote this site and other associated doings, what needles me often is the fact that so many folks post almost "every minute detail" of their lives for all to either comment on or to experience with them.

I realize that this is "social media" as well as some sort of "community town square," it just seems that almost anything or should I dare say "everything" goes. 

In case you haven't checked it out and who hasn't these days, I've read apologies for past failings, flame throwing by folks defending a person or a group of people, the blame game posted by some individuals whom finger point at a person or persons who they feel betrayed their trust and often times just silliness that I must assume that some folks just have idle time to post such stuff. 

Of course I fully understand everyone's "right" to share or post their musings, but what gets me is the fact that it seems that so much time is involved and apparently much energy devoted to telling the massive Facebook database all about  "YOU."  Is it me or is this just about to be a bit much. As I stated, I use the platform to highlight various items, publicize this blog and every now and then share a brief personal moment.  As far as I'm concern, I just not that comfortable in making my life a reality show piece even though I have had some interesting stuff that most folks just wouldn't believe or began to understand.  Nevertheless, it goes on and on and on. The endless posting of video's, tirades, whining, bitching, celebrating and much "whatever," as the worlds largest "town square" keeps growing by thousands of users daily. And so it goes...

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