Monday, January 28, 2013

The Monday Swirl and Then some

Its the last week of the first month in the first quarter of 2013. Yeah that's right, we off and running and so is COP 24/7.  We are the blog that just won't be stopped with our take no prisoners approach as well as our keeping it funky fresh in the house. Therefore, if its happening, going on or busting loose, we're somewhere checking it out. It's all about bringing you more of what you should be looking for in 2013!  Come and get it!

Pride in the City 2013

If you recall, earlier this month there was "shout out" to locals about producing Gay Pride activities in Little Rock. The item appeared on Facebook and garnered much attention with folks weighing with there full throated support. Since that initial blip on the radar, this forum has been hit up with questions about the next steps which should have been a meeting announcement or at least some type of timeline. We'll have to assume that things are brewing in the hopper.

Of course in other cities, the planning process usually begins right after the close of the current year, however, since there has been no "active planning entity" then its a square one endeavor to get anything started to determine what "pride" will look like in 2013. As I have stated quite staunchly, that proper planning will keep from any piss poor performance. Basically because putting together any event, no matter the size can be a down right bitch.

Especially when trying to work from a committee angle with folks of an actual unknown commitment level. I've had enough experience over the years working with "big talking queens with lots of promises, whom later bring no results." Trust me, its just a fact that I learned then and still see it all over the place right now. Therefore the sage advice is to "start early, get a good core of players, forge a plan and then work the plan." In the meantime, we'll keep an eye out for how matters shake out. Got ideas? What would you like to see developed for Pride 2013, we welcome your comments, suggestions or observations.   

Arkansas PFLAG Conference 2013
Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays will host its statewide conference, February 23, 2013 from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM at First Presbyterian Church of Little Rock 800 Scott Street in Little Rock.
The group hopes to bring together a diverse mix from the LGBTQ and ally communities for a day of learning, networking, and making new friends. At post time, the schedule was being finalized and will be available prior to the conference.
Registration Information can be found online at Eventbrite ( ) or via paper form.
Purchase tickets in advance for $20 Regular/$10 Student. Tickets will be available at the door the day of the event for $25 Regular/$15 Student.

Miss Lady Tabloid Celebrates 2nd Issue

Even as the world seems to be going digital, there are still signs of life in the "old media" model. Case in point is the emergence of  Miss Lady Magazine which will celebrate its "Volume 2 and beyond release party" at the new Vault Lounge 6:30-9 p.m., 1407 John Barrow Road in Little Rock.

In a forwarded e-mail, President and Chief Editor, Jas Chy'rel, cites the magazines growth and forwarding looking mission to locally empowering women of color. Various articles inside the new issue highlight area organizations such as Pinky Promise and Black Women Helping Black Women which offer education and efficacy opportunities. Chy'rel shares the magazines philosophy of women taking the time to "Step In, Step Out, Step Around and Step Up Into Womanhood!”  COP 24/7 congratulates Miss Lady Magazine on its staying power in the media game. For more info check out their website at:  


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