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Rocking and Rolling Into 2013

Let's Do a COP 24/7 360

We are slowly scaling up 2013 as we try to get out footing from all that was 2012. And what a 2012 it was with that tumultuous election throw down that demonstrated that "you just never know who thinks they can be president of these United States." The more I think about it, ranging from the "are you kidding me" conspiracy theories from Michelle Bachman to that ballbuster video of Mitt Romney dissing the "48%" that he didn't feel he needed to be worried about. After all, they were lazy, selfish and waiting on the government dole to take of them. Of course, we the 48% made sure to send that busta back to his comfy home with the elevator for his cars. In the meantime, the LGBTQ community had a variety of items that pinged the COP 24/7 radar including the cluck-a-thon around the Chick-fil-a mash-up, new emerging equality groups, HRC's Chad Griffin's fly through and the unveiling of Wal-Mart's PRIDE ( Promoting, Respect, Inclusion, Diversity & Equity) group which stepped out at a NWA gala last Nov. Whew! 2012 came and went in a couple of snaps and now its upward and onward to what awaits us in 2013.

DABaby Entertainment Arrives in the Rock

As 2012 bowed out, the Little Rock party scene saw the entrance of promoter Richard Terrell of DABaby Entertainment. Terrell's first outing entitled, "Shine Bright Like a Diamond" was scheduled December 27, then rescheduled to the 29th due to the winter storm. Mr. T moved backed to his home town from the Atlanta, GA. Once here he stated that he observed what he called "nothing much too do," for the same gender loving community.

He cited that the venues didn't appear to offer what he was accustomed too in Atlanta and that he felt that he would be able to fill that void due his previous contacts in that city. According to Terrell he secured arrangements with The Quarter Note, booked guest, sought to collaborate with other notable locals and assembled a team that culminated in the December show and HIV Testing Event. Terrell has mentioned on his FACEBOOK account that his efforts are steeped in "community unity" and trying to put "Arkansas on the map." To date Terrell has not announced his next venture but has vowed to continue to bringing quality entertainment to the city. COP 24/7 wishes Terrell well in his endeavors and his pursuit of bringing the community together.

New Playwright offers Urban Viewpoint in Verse

The Odds Against U.S.The original play, The Odds Against U.S. written and produced by Chris James is a story according to James that needs to be seen and heard by "all of America." Slated to be presented April 12-13, 2013, at the Argenta Community Theater, 405 Main Street in North Little Rock.

 According to a circulated press item, James believes that It is important that educators, parents, legal workers, political leaders, mental doctors, and any others dealing with youth of black America understand their realities or else they will continue to fail at reaching them and these young people will continue dying, increasing prison population, and becoming statistics.

The play captures the reality of the youth in black America and how they are often affected by urban environments or ghettos. The play is written and performed in poetry verse. The concept and story is powerful beyond measure and its’ relevance speaks volumes.

James is also known for his creation and Managing Editor of The Essence of Blackness newspaper that circulates in the greater central Arkansas area. He has expressed his interest in community empowerment, social unrest and health disparities.

Tickets for the limited run production can be obtained on www.eventbrite.com  For group rates call 501-366-3793.
Pride in the City 2013

Many of you have either read or perhaps heard me go on about why individuals keep whining about,"why Little Rock doesn't have a Pride Parade?," or "So what's up those Pride activities and who planned them? Or better yet, "why hasn't something been done about pride activities in this city!" Enough already was my blood curdling cry to all those voices who actually never lifted a damn finger to do anything or even participate in much of anything. Alas, I saw a Facebook post yesterday from new General Manager of Miss Kitty's, Luke H. basically sending out a "S.O.S" to locals whom want to put together a pride event. Just so happens in true Oprah fashion, I had a lengthy sit down with Mr. H to discuss many topics ranging from his new position to his "pride 2013" vision. He stated that as for pride, he felt that it was time for their to be something more substantive as well as "family friendly," that would allow all facets of the community to come together. He acknowledged that there had been good stuff previously but nothing to really be proud about since then. At this point I did let him know that I had personally been involved on numerous occasions and from my vantage point we did with what we had to do with including having micro festivities in Kanis Park to actually doing a mock parade in the Discovery parking lot. Furthermore we had "tea dances" banquets, art shows and all manner of contest ranging from Mr. Gay Arkansas to dunking booths featuring the one and only Norma K. There's been lots of ideas done in the name of gay pride and I fully encouraged him to go for it in 2013.

Meanwhile he talked about his FB post which was simply a shout out for folks to respond. He felt that this would allow him a chance to gauge the level of interest both prior to the first meeting and perhaps what to expect afterwards. "I've seen a couple of prides in this area and the one of the best I could remember was at the Rivermarket." he said. "I'd hope that those who want to be apart of this will realize that it will take an "army" of folks to do it. I'm willing to do my part but the community has got to step up!" He concluded.  Henley also cited that despite the post, everything is in preliminary mode. He did mention that at least two sites were under consideration including Mc Arthur Park or utilizing the parking lot adjacent to SixTen (7th & Center) which would also call for blocking off the streets for a "street fair/ block party" type of event.

During our conversation he offered more details but COP 24/7 is holding out until more confirmations are made with the promises that this forum will have the exclusive scoop on what's really going on. Its no secret that Luke and his gang love to decorate and bring mucho atmosphere to each venue. He cited that for New Years Eve, there were hundreds of balloons filled then stitched together for both SixTen and MK's. He quipped, " we did balloons until it seemed that tip of fingers were bloody!" Now that takes dedication and determination. Speaking of determination, he also shared with me a video clip of his Christmas Blizzard exploits while attempting to open Trax's.

In the video I watched him and comrade Michael trudge through the blowing snow all the while creating some "apocalyptic scenario" of the adventure through the streets of the city. He states that the video will appear on his YouTube channel just shortly so everyone can catch his own personal "reality show."  One detail that Henley stated that he felt should be mentioned is the fact that he visualizes the event to all about "DIVERSITY" in his theme approach. We finalized our meeting with him sharing that a website will be launched, a meeting timeline established and he plans to use as many resources from MK's as possible to make it a kick ass memorable event. Watch all social platforms for updates, especially COP 24/7 as we get all the inside info first.

COP 24/7 Prize Closet Opens

In celebration of our sixth year and surpassing 1000 post, COP 24/7 will be giving away prizes from our prize stash. If you've never won, it's because you've never participated, but you have the chance to get a FREE gift from our collection. Watch for Trivia Questions, Game pieces and other interactive means of being a winner. Be sure to opt-in e-mail, subscribe, bookmark or just keep checking in with COP 24/7, where everybody is a star and a winner. If you are not following us then you should because all follower will be invited to an exclusive meet and greet that will be announced just shortly. We are taking it to the extreme in 2013!!!


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