Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Reflections in Pomp and Circumstances

Just when we thought the air of "pomp and circumstances" was o-v-a, we learn that there's what! More! The TV-CABLE Talking heads just won't let it go and Tuesday's news cycle was a instant replay of what we spent most Monday already witnessing. Anyway, as the Presidential Big Top wines down and we move on to the weeks next maddening items, COP 24/7 is rocking and rolling along with it all. Let's dive in shall we...

Which Way did they Go Inaugural???

Despite damn near all channels had converted to Inaugural overload, I and my LTC found our way into local venues to see if any of the locals were as "jazzed" about the Presidential "gay brothers and sister" shout out as some were. Holy Lavender, what we discovered were folks who seemed oblivious to not only the days proceedings but totally clueless that there had been any historic rainbow moment.

I was totally flabbergasted that seat mates were more interested in the "whining" about their lackluster lives, needy self-esteems and what I've come to understand, "just hating living because no one seems to give a damn about them attitude." I wonder why. Nevertheless, as the evening droned on, its come to my mind that I think I'm just about over the "self-centered- what about me" types who have come to think that "some one owes them something." What that something is or should be is far from me deciding but what I do think is that they should basically "get a life."  Unfortunately there's no "Silver Lining Playbook" for being gay. Speaking for myself, "it is whatever the hell you make it." You want a drama filled, hypochondriac, shortsighted, half-glass empty type of life, then by all means drown yourself in it.

I'm much more interested in heeding the "call to action" from President Obama and being of service in the effort to be the "change"that I want to see. His historic mention has been Topic A since he stood before the masses and acknowledge that "we citizens" need to engage our policy and law makers on what this country will eventually represent. Meanwhile I have to assume that we'll have to live with those whom allow the parade to pass them by and go gently into the night. But as for me and mine, its big props Mr. O.  Brother, we heard you loud and clear that our journey is not complete until we are all treated like anyone else under the law. Thanks for the shout out!!

NABWMT Alerts about Convention

The 2013 NABWMT Convention will be held at the Sheraton Columbus Hotel-Capital Square, 75 East State Street in Columbus, Ohio 9-13 July 2013. Telephone: 614-365-4100.

Take advantage of our special February (Buddy Special) when you submit two registrations at a time. Pay only $222.00. Hurry! This special offer expires February 28! Register here
A special convention room rate of $150.81 inclusive of all local taxes is available. Free wi-fi is available in every room.

Registration and hospitality will be in the Presidential Suite on the 21st floor, a wonderful space and multi-use room. There is plenty of space for meeting and greeting as you arrive and register for the convention.
See historic Columbus landmarks and enjoy the progressive Short North arts and entertainment districts. Enjoy unique shopping and a wide range of dining selections. See our sidebar links for direct access to more information. Anyone going from Little Rock? Hit us up at nealix101@gmail.com. if you are interested in learning more about possible local activities or regional meetings.

HIV infections decline for African-
American women

When the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released new data on HIV incidence in the United States from 2007 to 2010, they revealed that new HIV infections among African American women had declined 21 percent. While that's good news, African American women continue to be one of the groups most impacted by HIV/AIDS in the United States. While new infections in African American women have gone down, the data showed that incidences among gay and bisexual men between the ages of 13 and 24 years had risen by 22 percent. Alarmingly, 54 percent of new HIV infections were among African-American and 20 percent were among Hispanic/Latino gay and bisexual youth. For more on the latest numbers, click here.

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