Wednesday, February 19, 2014

COP 24/7 Mighty Swirl Part 2

Private Option A-Go-Go: Next Steps

As I prepared this post, the news broke that a faction of Arkansas' legislature had prevailed with defeating funding the state's Medicaid expansion portion of the Affordable Care Act mandate. What this means is the fact that if this measure is not successfully defended and implemented, all those who were to be served by the expansion will simply loose their coverage. The measure fell short of five votes of the needed 75 necessary to reauthorize the private option that would utilize federal dollar to purchase private insurance products. Let's hope that we don't have to hit the "We're Crazy" button again!

This state move to forefront of  he nation with this innovative funding option in which many other governing bodies across the country seeking to follow our led, however it now seems that a few legislators intend play politics with the lives of more than a 100,000 who could be enrolled. The idea mindset's and explanations are stuff that you just can't make up. For instance, Rep. Nate Bell, an
outspoken critic of Obamacare and the private option—wrote one of the amendments to the original plan, which prohibits state funds from going to outreach or promotion of any part of the health care law. Yes this lawmaker wanted to make sure that anyone interested would not get educated about it or hear about it?

He goes further by saying, "I believe it's important as a conservative that we recognize the situation we're in," he said. "When we can defeat bad policy, we should do so. When we can't defeat bad policy, it's our responsibility to do everything we can to influence it and make it as closely aligned with our philosophy and policy as we can." This is where COP 24/7 would like to know is that philosophy to keep ER rooms full and other's out of care or without access?
The private option is beholden to annual reauthorization, as part of the state's budget for Department of Human Services, which runs Medicaid. Bell warns against reaching a budget standstill, and argues that the Legislature is at an "impasse" without enough votes on either side to approve or kill the private option without changes. Just to clear, there's been talk of holding up various agencies including DHS's budget to defeat the expansion.
Arkansas's high vote threshold for spending bills makes the annual renewal of funding a persistent challenge: The state requires a three-quarters approval for passage—75 votes out of 100 in the House and 27 out of 35 in the Senate. Because of the razor-thin margin the first time around, the shift of just a few legislators in the Senate last month brought the future of the program into question ahead of this week's votes.
Ladies and Gentlemen and all those who haven't decided, this is you Call to Action if you believe that Arkansan's deserve to get access to affordable care and every effort should be made to keep Medicaid Expansion moving forward.


Humana intends to offer a new incentive for Obamacare exchange enrollees in Mississippi who see a doctor by the end of June. The company will waive copays for any non-preventive doctor visit in the first few months of coverage, a nod to the state’s high rate of health problems and an attempt to get previously uninsured people engaged in their health care — often for the first time.

It’s unclear if Humana’s only competitor on Mississippi’s exchange, Magnolia, intends to offer a similar benefits. But it’s part of a concerted campaign to drive up Mississippi’s enrollment numbers by the March 31 sign-up deadline.  In full disclosure, I have a Humana Insurance product and although I encourage individuals to do their do diligence when choosing a plan, I have enjoyed the benefit of getting my selection of gift card incentives in order to keep my health goals and make targeted appointments.

Although this practice has been used in the HIV testing arena, but the component is becoming a fast growing trend in the tool box of prevention as treatment. My Humana experience has not only included those great incentives, but also has provided me with...are you ready? A house call from a real Doctor! I was totally overwhelmed when my own visiting M.D. showed up at my door, white coat and all. He told me that he wanted to add an additional layer of understanding my health needs, outlooks and possible shortfalls in my overall coverage.

Wow, I thought, as we proceeded with basic health questions, blood pressure check and summary of our visit. If that was not enough, my coverage also includes access to Urgent Care at my local Concentra Care Center. I've used this facility recently in a fluke situation that require some quick action from the presiding physician. While in their care, I got "one stop" shopping for my needs including x-rays', labs, prescription services and an appointment for follow up if needed.

And get this, they called a few day later to make sure that the services I had received met my expectations. Talk about customer service when you need it. Plus as an added value item, I also added some dental coverage to round out my medical package to keep my ticking even when I give myself a tough licking of a schedule.  So, as the back and forth about accessing health care goes on, I'll do what I can to keep my Humana with hopes that all will have suitable insurance coverage that they find affordable. Keep up the good work Humana!

Save the Date!!


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