Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Eyes Open Wickedly Wide

COP 24/7 :Reaching Upward and Outward

In our effort to stay on the cutting edge of the ever bending tech curve, this post contains our first magazine link featuring content from HIV Plus magazine!

This link will allow readers to view content  directly from the online version of the publication. You can get a great interactive view issuu.com/heremedia/docs/hiv_plus_99_march_april_2014_opt?e=0/6606214

Most interesting is the cover feature of Carlton Wilborn, motivational speaker and teacher who shares
his journey from sexual abuse to big time touring with Madonna in his book "Front and Center, How I Learned to Live There."

In the article he also talks open as well as candidly about dealing with HIV and his mission to empower individuals through his various presentations to both NPO's and in corporate settings.

Wilborn offers not only the current book but several other books and recordings on the "mind, body, soul" connection which can be found on his portal at www.livingfrontandcenter.com

COP 24/7 is always proud to share those same gender loving individuals who are always on the move to take their lives to the next level. If you know a person who needs to be celebrated or showcased, hit us up with a notice in our comment section or e-mail box!

Renegades Raising Funds for Equality

Save the Date, Friday Feb. 21 as the raging Renegades for a Cause keep doing what they do best in engaging local charity causes while mobilizing area entertainment in the process. Most sentimental about this outing is the fact that this will be the last fund raiser in the MK venue which will take the last stage out of dodge supposedly March 1.

According to organizers, this effort is being mounted due to what they say is "it was not Arkansas' turn" to access those high powered equality dollars donated by national entities.

COP 24/7 had a WTF moment as again Arkansas continues to get dissed, sliced and diced by those gay politico's and other lavender glitterati know it all's who seem think that they know what's best for everyone else. This forum takes the position that "no one know what's best for us but us!"

 For too long, many of this ilk continue to roll into town with fancy thoughts and expense accounts to pat us Arkies on the head and tell us our place. Enough already! Please will someone close the borders and stop paying for any more "gay experts" to come to town. We have plenty of talented individuals who could use all the per Diem's, honorariums and mileage reimbursement that would have more impact than any more big dollar folk who don't have a damn clue as to the who or what the hell is going on in this state. With that off my considerable chest, I urge our local LGBTQ community, allies and supporters to mobilize around strategies to fund community based organizations and other entities including this platform that have been dedicated to answering the advocacy call.

It is paramount to understand that we are seriously lacking on infrastructure that is common place in other metro areas. Such as equality centers, gay oriented health clinics, political action committee's and venues where we can do what we damn well please without dealing with lots of bullshit. Either we drive the bus or watch the bus back over us. Think about it! If you can't make it out and then send your donation, volunteer your time or do whatever you can do to help make a different.

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