Wednesday, February 26, 2014

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Arkansas House skips Tuesday vote on private option

After four unsuccessful votes, our legislative body simply wimped out and according to Speaker of the House Davy Carter (R-Cabot) said that, while reaching a conclusion on the private-option Medicaid budget is important, the House has “moved on” to other matters for the time being. Moved On? Really?

According to online media accounts, Carter continued by explaining that “There [are] a whole lot of other things we have to focus on,” Carter said. “We have to set the budget for the state of Arkansas
and we need to do that in the next week-to-10 days. So we’re going to get through that and I still think we’re going to work our way through this situation.”  Carter has stated that it is his goal to end the fiscal session next week, cigar or no cigar.

All of this flies in the face of  Monday's Medicaid expansion rally which included a range of local labor union and community based organizations. From the groups Facebook page The People Speak For the Private Option there were over 115 had checked in as "going," however this was not the case. So what happened to all these folks who purposefully took the time to make that commitment? Did they forget? Lose interest? Or is this par for the case in our city where folks continue to be complacent while abdicating their civic duty to engage those who make policy. I find this disturbing as individuals keep talking about "equality" and human rights in Arkansas. If you don't
stand for something, you will get whatever is decided for you!

Columnist John Brummett  also quipped from the National Governors meeting that "all eye's are on Arkansas. Republicans and Democrats can't believe that we'd create and destroy a national model."  In the meantime, this three ring circus bumbles along with all manner of sideshows that continue to make this a must watch situation as these politico's play politics with over the now 105,561 enrolled in the private option.

Side show 1: As preparations were being concluded for the rally, COP 24/7 learned that March of Dimes lobbyist Tina Long chimed to CBO LA Corp that the scheduled rally should be called off due to her inside skinny including close ties to the Governor that the needed votes had been secured and that the rally might negatively incite legislators.

Long called the organization prior to Monday while allegedly understanding that somehow the organization was at the nexus of organizing the event. Why is this important? Because this is the former inept and failed HIV- Hep C Section Chief of the Arkansas Department of Health whom lacked leadership abilities or needed acumen to firmly address the challenges of HIV and AIDS in Arkansas. After unceremoniously resigning she left a F5 tornado size swath of administrative wreckage that is still being cleaned up to this day. Boy was this wannabe shot caller absolutely wrong on all accounts!!

Side Show 2: As COP 24/7 speculated, there was mucho back room arm twisting and wrangling including that insipid Amendment from Rep. Nate Bell, R-Mena  that would defund all advertisement about the expansion. In our opinion this makes no sense but was thrown in to make the deal. It seems that despite those negotiations which included all parties involved, the needed legislators were actually Cheshire Shit Eating Cat's who later reneged on their commitments. Talk about whimps!

Let's be crystal clear, this is a moving target that could have vital consequences for the DHS Budget and all the people ready to access affordable health and dental care in Arkansas. COP 24/7 urges it readership to not take your eye's off this one and stay locked and loaded to this forum for the latest. You can catch up with all the going's on at

New Anthology Project Announces Updates

The Co-Chairs of The Bush Mallon Institute for Social Justice announced a grant award to local group STRILITE in its effort to produce a new anthology project to further explore the intersections of social justice, racism, imagery and HIV and AIDS.  "We are so please to be apart of this
continuing work in Arkansas," said Michael Ross. "I look forward to seeing this good work continued and supported by the BMI and National Association of Black and White Men Together, he concluded.

The project will be edited by Executive Producer of COP 24/7, Cornelius Mabin and will include a wide scope of original content ranging from prose to essay concerning personal lived experiences in relation to all aspects of an individual's life. Under the working title of "Reflections of A Shattered Mirror," the project will further explore the impact of social determinants from both  historical perspectives to current trends.

Submission information for the project will be announce March 1 on the projects new Facebook page. Additional information and updates will be posted to this site and other social media platforms. The 34th Annual National Association of Black and White Men Together convention will be held in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, July 8-12, 2014.  Host Hotel: Doubletree Hilton Downtown, Milwaukee, 800-222-TREE begin_of_the_skype_highlighting 800-222-TREE FREE  end_of_the_skype_highlighting or, 414-273-2950 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting 414-273-2950

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