Friday, February 28, 2014

Round UP COP 24/7

COP 24/7: Rocking it Out 10 Years Strong

Whew! What a week! What a month and by golly we are heading into March. Seems like the days and nights are dashing from one month to the next. As I move to produce and monitor this digital town square, I do my best to get whatever the latest "breaking news" scheduled to be posted. Fortunately, this platform does offer a variety of gadgets that assist me in keeping it hot and fresh on a daily basis. Just so you know, putting COP 24/7 together can be a demanding feat as well as time consuming. It can take up to 20 hours a week with some research, verifications, images, follow up, cross references, editing and formatting. I'm not a total perfectionist but I like at least getting it just right. Let me add that to this 20 hour mash up there's turns on Facebook, Twitter, and other promotions in search of those important subscribers and readers.

Yeah anyone can just "cut and paste" whatever to a page or throw a bunch of pictures or video's up as content, but this baby gets my full on attention and then some. Recently I read about a blogger who was sued for defamation due to her sloppy and unverifiable sources on a post that cause an individual harm. I make considerable effort to fact check and re-check the facts if I find that a post might be controversial or need clarified details to be on point.

I take my ten year "citizen journalism" seriously and all that comes with it including the good, bad and ugly. Producing Corneliusonpoint has been a most amazing cyber legacy to leave as my very own time capsule for future generations to discover what was really going on in my neck of the woods! Thanks for checking us out and checking in! And hey don't forget to subscribe, RSS feed or e-mail listserv our site. Do it today!!!

LGBTQ Newspaper Rumblings?

Even though COP 24/7 the bar tabloid, OnTrack have been making their mark digitally. Over the years, there has been a lot of lip service being given to why the city or state doesn't have its own "newspaper" designated with LGBTQ content.

Just for the record let's not forget that there actually have been such media pieces such as Arkansas Gay Writes, Gayzette, The Advisor, and Pink Triangle to name a few. There have also been other regionals that have come and gone with most folks having no recollection of them ever existing.

COP 24/7 toyed with the idea of taking our digital form into a hard copy version and has not totally abandoned that idea. However, it seems that the idea is being mulled over to determined its viability. As a media producer I certainly welcome any competition, with hopes that this project gets the necessary advertising support and community input required to make it the news outlet that many in the LGBTQ community keep waxing on about. Unfortunately COP 24/7 has survived based on its own devices and creativity. No benefactors, no significant donations or actual notable revenues from our targeted Goggle ads or affiliate relations. Coming soon, I will add a Paypal button to support new branded  products that readers can purchase to support our efforts.

This platforms even made an attempt to offer itself as a model for a proposed online news source that got the attention of the Latino Commission on AIDS of New York ( ) whom sent project advisors Mr. Aunsha Hall and Ms. L. Cherfas to Arkansas in 2012 to research such a possibility. The project was presented as a "CBA" ( Capacity Building Assistance) program that was suppose address community assessed needs.

Despite considerable resources extended on airfares, accommodations, a statewide focus group approach and additional follow up the project literally died on the vine. Another good possible idea lost on the heap of lost opportunities that many other communities have leveraged to make an impact in their areas. One can't help but wonder, why does Arkansas not get with the high impact trends that are so embraced by other metro areas. In the meantime, as more details unfold about this impending venture COP 24/7 will be among the first to break the news! Stay tuned...

Southern WOW Arrives

Its seems that just when you think that all angles have been covered then you learn that wait there's more!

Enter Southern WOW ( Women on Women) which is a support group for "women who love women." according to the groups organizers at The Living Affected Corporation. ( ) The organization has been serving the area for six years while addressing health disparities, social determinants, and providing sexual health information and interventions. Currently the organization also continues to provide direct Affordable Care Act education and enrollment session designed for the LGBTQ community. Contact 349-7777 to schedule a group or individual appointment to enroll before March 31, 2014.

The now weekly meetings feature female driven topical conversations to recently initiated "girls night out" at The New Six Ten and a signature event Super Sister Saturday scheduled March 8, 12-5 at the First Presbyterian Church, 401 North Maple Street, North Little Rock. Call 349-7776 for sponsorship and additional information. This event is Free, Lunch provided and Smoke Free! 


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