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COP 24/7 Special
Still Killing All the Right People: Uganda Presidents Signs Anti-Gay Bill

Its seems so surreal that they are at it again!. COP 24/7 shared Rachel Maddow's coverage about a dastardly Anti-gay bill that was first proposed in October 2009 by Ugandan lawmaker David Bahati. Maddow was among the few who delved into the story with supportive information from Jeff Sharlet in an effort to alert the world and spotlight the underbelly of the situation rooted in the U.S.

As then and now COP 24/7 believes that such repugnant and dehumanizing laws should get a full on blast approach from our lawmakers and any and all foreign aid stymied from these governments. It is imperative that our readers become aware of these activities and show your support through comments not only on this page but directly to lawmakers as well.

Photo - FILE - In this Monday, Aug. 22, 2011, file photo U.S. Sen. Jim Inhofe, R-Okla., gives a speech at the Oklahoma City Bombing Memorial & Museum, in Oklahoma City. Quarterly campaign reports for U.S. House and Senate candidates are due Monday, giving an early glimpse at the financial footing of Oklahoma's incumbents and names of possible challengers. (AP Photo/Sue Ogrocki, File)
Mr. Sharlet wrote the book, "The Family" which took an in depth look at an shadowy evangelical group with Washington D.C. "C Street" connections which is a story in itself. His account includes its promotion of the National Prayer Breakfast both in the U.S. and has had ties to a similar event in Uganda.

But in his reporting, he also finds streams of interconnections within both of those entities and our over $400 Million dollars in foreign aid delivered to Uganda. President Obama has raised the ante with his statements that warned Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni on Sunday that enacting an anti-gay law would complicate U.S. relations with Uganda and would be a "step backward for all Ugandans."

Let me be clear, trying to connect all the dots can be quite challenging. In fact those dots connected to "The Family" may also have ties to other U.S. Capitol Hill embeds such as Oklahoma Senator Inhofe (R) who has made numerous trips to Uganda and who has a long relationship with the president of Uganda, said that he hopes the country abandons “harsh” legislation to establish prison sentences for homosexual activity.

The sentences prescribe jail terms including a 7year term for promoting homosexuality, a 14-year prison sentence for first-time offenders and life sentences for repeat offenders found guilty
of  something described as“aggravated homosexuality.” Uganda lawmakers have stated that "homosexuality" is a disease born from the United States.

Inhofe, R-Tulsa, said in a statement to The Oklahoman, “I certainly disagree with the controversial legislation that Uganda may enact in the coming days, and it is my hope that the country will abandon this unjust and harsh legislation.”

Inhofe traveled to Uganda last month with other members of Congress and met with President Yoweri Museveni, according to an Inhofe press aide. However, Donelle Harder said Inhofe did not raise the matter of the anti-gay bill.

Even more glaring in this hot mess is fact Museveni and supporters are attempting to use "science based facts" that they learned from visiting U.S. evangelicals who have ties to "The Family," as well as other U.S. organizations such as National Organization for Marriage. To not be outdone by Uganda, six weeks prior to this legislation Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan signed into law a ban on homosexuality that imposes 14-year prison terms for anyone entering a same-sex union. It also sets 10-year prison sentences for those who run gay clubs or organizations. The legislation triggered an outbreak of anti-gay attacks in parts of Nigeria. This forum will continue to monitor and post on this most disturbing move on the African Continent

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