Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Breaking it down Tuesday

Ah Tuesday, the third day of the week where I start to prepare my stance for the rest of the impending days to come. Every morn that I get back to the boards, I try to sort out what breaking news, event, item or issue will make the cut. One of my readers saw me out and about and said that he wanted me to know that he checks this forum almost daily. Furthermore expressed that it seemed that I put a lot of work into it as well. The truth is yes and how. However, I believe that if you going to do it, then do it to the best of your ability. It's simple as that. That's my mantra and I'm sticking to it, folks. With that said, let's spin the big wheel in "Breaking it down Tuesday..."

Defrosting Hillary: For the life of me I've been trying to understand why candidate Hillary Clinton is perceived as "frosty the snow women." As I moved through my daily life, I've encountered many individuals, even strangers who have commented to me on how they find Mrs. Clinton untrustworthy and some type of political robot. Apparently, Camp Clinton is out to defuse this perception aboard the "Hill-Copter" that will be criss-crossing Iowa to let possible caucus goers feel the warmth. This Thursday there will be a mass "phone-a-thon" for Clinton entitled National Team Hillary Calling Night to add an even more fuzzy feeling to those cold Iowa nights. However, as I think back on the then, Arkansas First Lady Clinton, she did appear to have an aloofness about her and I don't recall her being an ardent fan of the states GLBTQ community as she now heralds on her website. This attitude was colorfully displayed a few months ago with a "tit for tat" spat from users of the Sidetracks Yahoo boards, when a member formed a Arkansans for Clinton group and posted it on the site. Talk about Queens A-Flaming! Of course since then, the ire has all but flamed out and the group lacks momentum. I'll keep an open mind about Clinton and see if I can feel the warmth. Even though quiet as it's kept, I like things a bit frosty.

OH Mike Huck!: I don't about you, but do you feel that Mike Huckabee's recent splaining of his past rhetoric is wrapped in " I said that then, but what I meant was that I didn't really mean what I said because much of it is taking out context..." repackaging? Of course he didn't' say what I just said exactly, but what he is saying is that he's a victim of "Dumpster Diving" tactics from the liberal press and all those other "sinners." The questions surrounding his AIDS/HIV statements and where Arkansas stands today were analyzed recently by an Associated Press article on ArkansasBusiness.com. The article cites and I remember then, Gov. Huckabee's 1992 bombastic statements in spite of clear and concise transmission information. Did he not get his booklet from Surgeon General Dr. C. Everett Koop or no heads up from the State Health & Human Services Department? Then, it was his refusal to use his Emergency fund for ADAP( AIDS Drug Assistance Program) while AIDS activist banged tin cups in protest. Of course we learned later that he used some of that very fund to destroy some computer equipment and such. He stated that he was well within his right to do so. Alrighty then, Mike. Also, let's not forget his full throated support of the Marriage amendment supported by the Family Council which is mounting a moral campaign for 2008. Although the article was insightful, I found it a bit lacking in sources with singular quotes from activist Eric Camp, and not any from say, State AIDS Director, Gary Horton, Former State Health Department Director, Dr. Joecelyn Elders, Arkansas AIDS Foundation or perhaps HWPA? Were they unavailable for comment or is Mr. Camp the only person who will speak openly and on the record? When you think about it, have attitudes changed in Arkansas since Huckabee, the emergence of life saving drugs, more educational platforms or campaigns? I'm hopeful but staying realistic at best. How about you....

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