Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Swing Out Wednesday...Holiday Style

Plop, Plop, Fizz, Fizz, oh what a relief it is...finally, I think I've shaken that cold that was really giving me the blues for the past week. I kept thinking all this sneezing and wheezing, despite my flu shot visit to my PCP? What's up with that? So I asked, as was informed that even though I got the shot, it's only a "viral supportive" innoculation to facilaitate a more rapid recovery from the common cold, not a preventative measure. I had to ask, didn't I. With that aside, I've stayed the course and kept bringing you our brand of updates, links, news, commentary and just plain old stuff to boot. It seems like I'm just the type to take licking and keep on ticking. Rememeber, earlier this year when I actually posted from my hospital bedside shortly after surgery. Is that dedicated or what? Anyway, it's all about Swing Out Wednesday-Holiday Style, so let's start swinging....

Christmas Greetings the Campaign: It's only 15 days until Iowa and the candidates are sending the season's greeetings to potential voters admist the slings, arrows, totally absurd, "What the hell?" and subliminal much ado about nothings. I'm totally over the silliness of the Mike Huckabee holiday commerical with those acqusations of floating crosses and such. This items is vintage Huckabee, it's who he is, and I'm not taken aback that he's saying Merry Christmas. However, if he'd asked me for suggestions (and no one from his campagin did), for universal flavor, I would've surrounded the candidate with people of different faiths representating their culture's observation of the holiday. Meanwhile, Obama's holiday greeting featuring himself, wife, Michelle and his children wasn't nearly as scrutinized. Yet, I found interesting that his campaign sent out a "Holiday Text" message offering a 20% discount to supporters on products from his website. Oh Joy! But playing devils advocate, I kept thinking shouldn't he be chided for not giving a shout out for Kwanzaa? Not to be out done, the "feel my warmth" Hillary Clinton tour continues with ads featuring her mom, Former President Bill, Chelsie and trying counteract the Oprah factor, enter former NBA baller, Magic Irving Johnson. If that's not enough and just in time for Christamas, Ron Paul announced the opening of an official Arkansas campaign presence as coordinated by Jason Sheppard. Boy, I'm just about ready for a hot toddy and fireplace.

Tipping Point: The holiday season keeps taking new twist and turns for me. Especially this year as I tackle the issue of taking my "tipping out" to a new level. I started to realize that I had more folks doing stuff for me than I actually put some thought into. Since I've been encouraging my readers to "random acts of kindness," I wanted to re-evavluate my tip scale to include my dog's groomer, newspaper person, pedicurist, mailman and maybe... Ummm, I'm gonna have to really work on this one in the budget that I'd set for the season. Looks like I may need some adjustments. Imay be baking some cookies or putting together some fruit baskets to make the rounds.

Getting Creative: On Saturday, February 9, 2008, the Center for Artistic Revolution, CAR will present the 4th Annual Toma Mi Coraz√≥n (Take My Heart) Silent Heart Auction and Tex-Mex Dinner. It’s an evening of amazing art and awesome food! This is CAR’s signature event and annual fundraiser.

Wooden hearts are given out to artists, school children, community activists, and anyone else who would like to participate. If you are interested in donating your talents, we will supply you with the heart and necessary paperwork to get you started.

Then it’s your turn, you can paint it, burn it, weld it, mosaic it, collage it, work in your favorite medium. You can turn it upside down, add things to it or around it, we just need to see the shape somewhere in the piece when you are done.

You can view past samples of corazons created for this event by going to our website: and clicking on CAR Events.

When you have completed your creation, contact us and drop it off at the CAR office located at 800 Scott St., Little Rock (inside the First Presbyterian Church). Deadline for completed work to be back at the CAR office is January 31, 2008.
Lavender in the Ozarks: I had my first Eureka Diversity experience earlier this year and wanted to share some of the upcoming dates. Each weekend is uniquely produced and offers a getaway from the tired and true. So if your credit cards are not maxed out from all that holiday shopping, you might consider checking out what's going on in the hills of Arkansas. For more info go to: Tell you heard about it here...
Eureka Gras Extravaganza Feb. 1 - 3, 2008 Valentine's Diversity Weekend: Feb. 15th - 17th, 2008 Spring Diversity Weekend: April 3 - 6th, 2008 Eureka Five-O: June 21 - June 23, 2008 Summer Diversity Weekend: Aug. 7 - 10th, 2008Fall Diversity Weekend: Oct. 30 - Nov. 2, 2008
Pride in the City: It's coming around again, Capitol PRIDE 2008 and I havent' heard much about it. I do know that there was board elections in September, a co-fundraiser in November and a possible meeting that was TBA. I will check in with organizers to see what's really going on. Stay tuned....
AAF Billboard Search: I'd hope that there would be a press release or something posted on their website about the groups HIV/AIDS Billboard campaign in addition to their MacArthur Park ballon release. But, that wasn't to be, I guess. Consequently, I could've called Lamar billboards to ask where they were, but I thought I would stay par for the course and keep it difficult. So I went looking for the billboards and yes, I found two of them. One, on Colonnel Glenn (Asher) facing eastward and another on Roosevelt Road (facing westard) just before the fairgrounds. (note: to bad this billboard couldn't have been there while the State Fair was expericing record crowds.) I recall that this effort was previously done and I've always wondered about the effectiveness of this type of outreach or it's impact. Did anyone consider the traffic pattern for this stretch of highway? For the record, so far I've not heard one person tell me that they've seen these. Furthermore, I'm not sure if these are the only two, so if you just happen to spot one, let us know what you think or send us a picture.

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