Monday, December 03, 2007

A Cornelius Rewind and more...

It's the 337th day of the year and 2007 is ebbing and flowing it's way right into the history books and in to the memory banks of all who have been present. As for my self, I'm grateful to the creator for allowing me the opportunity to continue on my journey both physically and creatively. Futhermore, I sincerely hope that in our daily hustle and bustle during the holiday rush, that we don't forget the "reason for the season" and take time to perform a daily random act of kindness. In the meantime, take a deep exhale....and prepare for a Cornelius Rewind and more....

Foot In Mouth Disease: It's happen again, another case has been reported of the dreaded, "foot in mouth disease," that is rampantly parading across the land. This time, it's Arky Legislator State Senator Denny Altes (R- Ft. Smith). In a mysteriously leaked E-mail dated 11/14/07, the good Senator shoots his mouth off to former Fort Smith Mayor Bill Vines about all dem' illegal aliens and populating Blacks. I read the E-mail in it's entirety in which Mr. Altes states his case concerning his position on immigration policies, how he feels about "G.W.," the republican party and history to boot. One of the most incriminating statement that he makes is this, " I am for sending the illegals back, but we know that this is impossible...Sure, we are overrun, but we are being out populated by the blacks also." Then there was this, " we are where we were with the black folks after the revoluntionary war..." Dear Reader, I thought that I could just mention these expressions, but I believe it's best that you read the entire message and judge it for yourselves. Of course Senator Altes has entered the Mea Culpa Shrine to offer his sincerest apologies to any folk who want to think that he's racist. Especially, O.K. are you ready for it, since some of his "best friend are black." The fallout is not earth shaking, but there have been cat calls by LULAC for his head with the other usual suspects such as both GOP & Democratic party presidents condemning the remarks. Plus, NAACP's Dale Charles threw the Senator a bone by saying,"He is a lawmaker. He was in the House of Representatives and now he is in the Senate making laws and having this kind of mentality. It says a lot about where we are as a state and a nation." Need I say more except, "are you registered to vote, yet?" Here's the link to the whole sorted diatribe:

The Bouncing O's: And they're off, Obama and Oprah will bounce into Iowa this week and Columbia, South Carolina, December 9th, on the thrust of Mr. O's new surge in the poll numbers among possible Iowa caucus participants. Ms. Winfrey has publically stated that her support for the candidate is something that she personally feels strongly about. However, pundits and talking heads galore are speculating about the "OW effect" on the all important female block of voters in key states. Camp Obama is pulling out all the stops including stomping at the Apollo Theatre with Chris Rock to making the Sunday talk show rounds. Not to be outdone, Team Clinton is rolling out former President Bill Clinton and maybe the ultra mega watt and "oh so Democratic" Barbra Striesand, herself might hit the ground for her gal pal, Hillary. It's going to a showdown or a beat down in Iowa. Yall stay tune....ya hear!

World AIDS Day 2007: I'm not sure how many activites you may have attended, but there were plenty to go around beginning 11.26 - 12.1.07 ranging from workshops to the massive display of the AIDS Quilt at the Clinton Presidential complex. Of the many panels that spanned the grounds, it was a sobering memorial to all those who have lost the fight to HIV/ AIDS and as I continued my research I discovered even more interesting facts, such as of the entire 5000 panels there are less than 500 dedicated to African Americans, it weighs 54 Tons and it could stretch 52 miles if individual panels were laid end to end. Also the "roll call of names" done overnight and while I was viewing was a haunting clarion call to my senses that I won't forget. I commend the Clinton Center and all volunteers, especially activist Bob Coffey and Joe Lafonatine with undertaking this larger than life task. As best as I can assess, the week was well received and planned as best as possible with the resources available and the people power it takes to make these events happen.

Losing Rita: I wanted to make a special note concerning the home going celebration of the late David Silva, who departed this life in October. His lifemate, Rodney B., friends, and DSRA family showed there support with a moving tribute to his commitment to living a full existence and sharing his creative force as "Rita Rogers." The evening included performance video footage, slide show montage, memorabilla and a "Yellow Rose" birthday salute to a clubhouse favorite. If I've learned anything in 2007, is that each and everyday is a day that I will never see again and as I face my own mortality, it's important to stop and smell the roses. RIP (12.1.61/9.15.07)

Holiday Fundraising: The Arkansas AIDS Foundation will have the annual Babes in Toyland benefit at the DSRA clubhouse, December 8, 2007 at 9 p.m. The evening will feature local personalities and some of the DSRA Royalty Team. Also, I will be making another appearance in my AKA personna as Cassaundra Manchester to help with the effort. I took Miss M out for a spin last weekend for the Diamond's Christmas Show and had a blast with the cast of characters who made my visit extremely welcoming. The hospitality and supportive nature of the members is quite engaging. Listen up, If you haven't had a chance to experience it first hand then you need to get on over to clubhouse and feel it for your self. Meanwhile, If you are in the spirit of giving and I know that you are, come on out to the show your support. I want to see your face in the place. For more info or updates go to:
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Cherity said...

As Hostess of the Babes in Toyland fundraiser I would like to personally invite each of you out for a fun filled evening of entertainment. Come out an support a worthy cause.