Wednesday, December 12, 2007

It's getting rough out there and in here...

Boy, it's getting rought out there.... Yeah, I'm talking about broken government, demon drivers, shopping maniacs, unconcerned customer service reps, obsessed cell phone users, tough talking children and the rest of heap clawing there way through life. Some days, I'm not sure what to make of it all but I still rise, thanking the creator that I get to see it all over again. What's going here? Surveys and researchers have offered many views about how either we are evolving or devolving as time goes on. As I look around, I realize that our "blink" society is whirling at a pace that means tighting the seat beat a bit more and hanging on. Trust me when I say, "it's getting rough out there..."

  • Broken Government: Congress has returned from it's turkey day vacation with a plate full of issues that most likely won't be acted upon before there Christmas vacation. Talk about gridlock and do-nothing? I though when the Democrats were ushered into power that stuff was suppose to happen in the first 100 days? Well we're well past that and I'm scratching my head going ,"huh?" To be honest stuff did happen in those first 100 days, lots of the same stuff that was happening before. Such as those dastardly earmarks, partisian bickering, lot's of White House spin and disinformation. Just today we hear that Iran's nuclear capablities were allegedly frozen, some 4 years ago. All the time the decider, President Bush said his World War 3 rhetoric still holds because he was just informed about this new intelligence assessment. You don't say, Mr. Bush.

  • Customer Service, Please: "Attention K-Mart, Sears, Target, Wal Mart, and any retail shoppers,... on isle "anywhere" there's no one to help you...that is all." Yeah I said it, poor customer service is simply become the norm in the shopping experience. I see it everyday and everywhere. No smiles, no greetings, no come back and see us, almost no- Can I help you and most certainly, no Thank you's. Here are few nuggets to prove my case. I was in RUE 21 in Alcoa Exchange last week, I walked through most of the store and not once did the clerk stop talking to her friend to ask me if I needed anything. I overheard the female clerk sharing with her friend there plans for the weekend, who they would see and how much fun it was going to be. As I left the store, she was still talking as other customers milled around. At Pei Wei restuarant, the cashier was so "stonefaced" that I though maybe a wok had hit her in the head, not to mention the surly server who "silently" brought our entrees and meandered off in a daze. If you've got a favorite feel free to share it with me. I got a million of em for ya.

  • Obssesed Cell phone users: Can you hear me now??, the damn answer is hell yes and everyone else on the planet. Who are these people talking too in the grocery store, toliet, gas station and walking down the street. Have we become so needy to reach out an touch, that we can't stop gabbing about mindless B.S. It seems that the airline industry is tinkering with allowing calls on certain flights. Can you imagine a "talking tube" of people while sitting on the tarmac. As for me, I've reliquished my land line and have gone celluar in my home, meanwhile limiting my yacking publically.

Let's Get the Huckster: It's smackdown time in the political arena and the bulls eye is none other than surging Mike Huckabee. It seems that the honeymoon is over, as the attack pit bulls are sharpening their teeth for some huck ass. From the media pundits to those "swift boat" types, they've all got questions for the former Guv and he's got some splainin to do. Such as that Dummond guy who was released then went on to kill again. How about them AIDS "quarantine" statements?, Did you violate some Arkansas Ethics and had to pay a $1000 fine? Didn't you raise some taxes? You get the picture. Everythings going to be thrown in, including the kitchen sink. Huckabee is talking as fast as he can to anyone who will listen. Including Jeannie White( Ryan White's Mother) about his AIDS education then and now. However as I remember, I think that Mrs. White was in Arkansas on several occassions while he was in office and didnt' seem to want to talk to him about his statements, why now? Let's close with this vintage Huck nugget ( circa 1992):

"Asked about gays in the military, for example, he didn't just reject the idea but added: "I believe to try to legitimize that which is inherently illegitimate would be a disgraceful act of government. I feel homosexuality is an aberrant, unnatural and sinful lifestyle, and we now know it can pose a dangerous public health risk."
-Mike Huckabee

Benefit Walking: The Arkansas AIDS Foundation has announced it's AIDS Walk 2008, June 14, 2008. At this posting there have been no details released, but last year the event was held at the Clinton Complex. Even though I did see a infomericial on Comcast, the foundation itself didn't appear to release any information such as did they accomplish the $50,000 goal, how many participants or much else.

Toys for Tots: I was truly intrigued with the Marine's Toys for Tots campaign organizers stating that they coming up short of toys for needy families this year. Many of you don't know that many years back this very same organization threaten to sue our then gay rights group which used the moniker to raise support in the GLBT community. We were told to "cease and desist" any association with Toys for Tots. I wonder if they would like to get toys from us now since they've had to extend their toy drive. Gift giving from the GLBT community to mainstream chairites has been problematic and often disappointing. Including Childrens Hospital ( yes that one) wasn't responsive to our early 80's donation by stating that there would be "no formal acknowledgement" from the institution, consequently and years later, the hospital finally accepted a modest gift.

Scouts Movin: Talk about being rough out there, I found this report from our online partner BGN ( Big Gay News) recounting the Boys Scouts being uprooted from their meeting digs. According to the article, Philadelphia, the birthplace of the Boy Scouts, will be evicting the organization from the Scouts’ city-owned meeting hall over a gay-rights fight.
The Philadelphia Cradle of Liberty Council of the Boy Scouts of America, the seventh-largest chapter of the organization, will be tossed from the Beaux Arts building, a place they have called home since 1928, for refusing to denounce the organization’s ban on homosexuality.
The city owns the half-acre of land where the building stands and is bound by laws against discrimination.
“You cannot be in a city-owned facility being subsidized by the taxpayers and not have language in your lease that talks about non-discrimination,” City Councilman Darrell Clarke told The New York Times Thursday. “Negotiations are over.”
The Boy Scouts have maintained that homosexuality would be inconsistent with their stated values. They could have legally stayed in the building if they paid an annual rent of $200,000 per year; however they said that would cut into their summer-camp funds for needy children.

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