Thursday, December 20, 2007

Let's Do it Again...

Let's do it again... spin the big wheel of information and see what falls out or what we fall into. 2007 is rapidly calling it a day and the news cycles just keep on coming in full force to our forum. I'm just too proud to keep bringing you the latest goings on and carrying on that's happening in our 24/7, rockem-sockem world. So, without further hesitation, Let's do it again...

Oh Omnibus: Yes the goose is getting fatter this Christmas as our beloved Congress has approved more cash outlays for everything from war funding to those pesky earmarks. You know those "bridges to no where," commonly known as pork barrel spending that are just too tasty to quit consuming. Of course, President Bush is all to happy for his war open faucet, but is chiding his Capital Hill counterparts for their 9000 earmarks worth as estimated, 7.4 billion. Yes folks that's with a capital "B." Meanwhile, there's some 13 Million Dollars worth of Arkansas bacon in the mix as well. Featuring a Million dollar perk from Rep. Snyder to UALR for "Activated Nanostructure for De-icing,"or Rep. Berry's 3 Million dollar "Standoff Improvised Explosive Device Detection Program." Say What?? Didn't the Democratic Congress tell us that this type of spending was going to cease once they took power earlier this year? Well apparently the "air dropping," that's Hillspeak for slipping it in without any formal committee consideration or scrunity continues even though many stalwarts state that this is a reduction from past spending bills. Holy Money Bags!! If you want more info, I've discoverd a couple of handy websites for your consideration. Click em at your pleasure: or
Invasion of the Lavender People: Did you hear? Eurkea Springs is under attack from the Lavender people who have a master plan to take over a variety of small towns in the midddle America? According to the American Family Association in a newly produced DVD, " The Gay Agenda: They're Coming to Your Town..." slated for a January 08 release date, which outlines how these indivudals have infiltrated the Ozark hamelt's city council with a strategy of creating an Arkansas gay mecca. Oh My Goodness! All this from the minds of Donald Wildmon's troops who have refuse direct comments on this latest dogma from the Christian right but cite that Eureka's adoption of the DPR ( Domestic Partner Registry) is a sure sign of the covert plot to replace the city as a popular Christian resort to a bastion of gayness. Are these folks for betcha. I checked their website and they've got an arsenal of stuff to assist in supporting any conspiracy theories you want to believe. Including Springdale's Dr. Ronnie Floyd's book, "The Gay Agenda," describing how's it's dividing the country. Some one needs to alert Nicolas Cage, while he's finding National Treasure maps, he could clue me in on the gay agenda.
In the meantime and as a random act of kindness fun, I though I would post the trailer from National Treasure: Book of Secrets. I saw the last outing and look forward to the latest from this franchise. If you see the movie before I do, share your review here!

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