Monday, December 10, 2007

Spin Cycles & Caravans...A Special Recipe Mix

It's fifteen days and counting to the feasting, gift giving, gabbing, games and most likely lots' of Googling from all those new laptops that were under the tree. Yes people it's Christmas time again in the city. However as the holiday dash goes full tilt this week, Pope Benedict XVI chided Vatican Pilgrims and the rest of us by criticizing “materialistic” ways of celebrating Christmas, pressing the Vatican’s campaign against unbridled consumerism. He continued by saying,
“The way of living out, and perceiving, Christmas unfortunately quite often suffers from a materialistic mentality,” Benedict said.
In conclusion while addressing English-speaking pilgrims, the pope said he was praying that the approaching Christmas celebration “will fill your hearts with redeeming hope.” His words are certainly something to ponder and consider. In previous post, I challenged each you to perform a December random act of kindness and in case you can't think of one, I will be highlighting some possibilities throughout my post until the end of the year. But don't fret, we will still be giving you updates, links, breaking news, commentary and much more for the GLBTQ community and beyond. With all that said, Happy Hanukkah as we press on into the season!

A Random Act of Kindness No.1: A few years ago there was a wonderful song called, "That's What friends are For," that resonated with me personally and many around the world. The words, "in good times and bad times, Ill be on your side... that what friends are for," are most poignant and bear out my special request to you readers to attend a evening of sharing December 14, at Sidetracks, 8 p.m. in the Upstairs Bar. This evening will be devoted to assisting Mickey Osborne and his 15 year old son, Colton in a time of need. Mickey has developed severe health issues that have left him debilitated and facing uncertainty during this holiday season. Organizers will collect can goods, gift cards, new toys, and any direct assistance to help offset his accumulating expenses. More information will be on the Sidetracks Yahoo boards or E- contact: for additional details.

Fundraisers A-GO-Go: It's been another round of fundraising for the Arkansas AIDS Foundation and some of the numbers are in. The Bachelor Auction, held December 1, which featured area hunks and a hunkette took in $1350.00. Babes in Toyland, held at DSRA last Saturday reportedly reaped another $500.00 despite another low community attendance for events of this nature. As a part of my "random acts" I 've participated in two recent AAF fundraisers and have been puzzled at the lack of support when this projects is held at DSRA. I've been on the hunt for answers and discovered that perhaps more advance notice as well as, community folks broadening their scope would be beneficial. The "boys who were the gals" still went tour De force led by AAF Development coordinator, "Cherity," Lady Champagne, Diva Dinnery, Gigi Galore, Marvella, Miss Lana, Crystal Love and the DSRA Royalty Team. Also, let me give a special shout out to Mary Kay Arden who had "my back" at the after party at Sidetracks. The girl just can't help it, she just loves to have fun!! Hat's off to all for a job well done. Next up: AAF holiday fundraiser at Backstreet, December 16, 10 p.m. or for more info: (editor note: I checked the Backstreet website and didn't see a listing for this event, call AAF 501.376.6299 or the club 501.666.6900) Don't forget to tell them you read it here first!

Politically Speaking: Just when you thought that I couldn't burn the candle from the middle, my face was in the place for the Pulaski County Democratic Committee, Democratic Women and VIP Christmas party at the Governors Mansion, December 8. Accompanied by my life mate, I schmoozed, hob nobbed, mingled and people watched at the annual event hosted by Gov. Beebe and Ginger Beebe. The Mansion was ablaze with Christmas lights, interesting decorations and smartly accented from the entry way to the ballroom. I wasn't sure about security, so I didn't take my trusty camera but later realized that things weren't so tight that I couldn't have had it in tow. (Darn!)After a warm welcome from party services coordinator, Amy Kelley, others I saw in attendance were Pulaski County Chairperson, Joyce Elliot, Rep. Kathy Webb (pictured), political commentator, Jay Barth, DPA Executive Director, Bruce Sinclair, PUCO Circut Clerk, Pat O'Brien, volunteer extraordinaire Mrs. Debbi Murphy and other democratic party movers and shakers. To my delight and surprise, First Lady Beebe, while circulating stopped to engage me about my attire. She commented that I looked great in my holiday red jacket and hoped that both of us was enjoying the evening. Chalk one up for this slave to fashion. Meanwhile, in an effort to put my self in the "call to action" mode that I often mention, I've registered to be an elector for the Special State Convention, as we prepare to haggled over who will be official delegates to the national convention in Denver in 08. I will keep you posted on the in's and out of this process as well as how you may be able to help me take it to the next level.

Reading and Voting: Staying in the loop within the busy framework of life can be trying, but I want to call you attention to the December 11, Special election to enhance library services and sources. I have always voted in the affirmative for these mileages because they offer opportunities to narrow the digital divide with additional computer services and open materials to enrich your mind. I know this first hand, due to the fact that I got the chance to access computer labs across the city, long before I ever owned a PC or the Internet. I will never forget that experience or how it assisted me in crossing the threshold to grasp information globally. Take the time and vote, "YES" to the library millage.

The 31st Annual Legislative Conference of the National Black Caucus of State Legislators will meet in Little Rock December 12 - 16. In an invitation to NBCSL members, Arkansas Senator Irma Hunter Brown stated the following.
For over thirty years, NBCSL has been the leader in providing access and opportunity for its members and identifying the needs of African-American state legislators and their constituents. Today, our programs and initiatives addressing topics ranging from education and health awareness to economic development and international relations are accomplishing their goals. The conference will include public policy sessions, critical workshops and unprecedented keynote speakers including Little Rock Nine member Ernest Green, former Surgeon General Dr. Joycelyn Elders and former President Bill Clinton

ARE YOU REGISTERED YET!!! Do it TODAY. For more information go to

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