Tuesday, April 01, 2008

A Reality Check in the Twilight Zone..

Remember the old Rod Sterling show the Twilight Zone? If you've looked around recently it seems that much of "life is imitating art or is art imitating life?" I'm not sure but whatever the hell, there's a lot strange stuff going on that really needs some explaining, if there's such a thing any more. As many of you know, this forum's life blood is in delivering our special brand of updates, news, commentary, links and video from a variety of viewpoints including tidbits from the lunatic fringe. Therefore, we go back into the fray seeking a reality check in the twilight zone...

Hill Force One: It's obvious that I have to pass the "And I telling you I'm not going Award," to Hillary "in it to win it" Clinton for her recent e-blast I got this week. The tone of her campaign outreach was strident and dead one serious that she is not leaving the room because as far as she's concern, "it ain't over till it's over!" Well, you go Mrs. C. because I couldn't agree more. Let the voting continue and the rest of nation have it's say about who will be the 2008 democratic nominee. Meanwhile, let's find a resolution to that Michigan and Florida problem while we're at it, then let's let the chips fall where they may. Isn't this what democracy is suppose to be about anyway or what!

It's all about the Border: Listen up...what does China, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Sudan and the United States have in common? They ban HIV positive immigrants and visitors from our shores. Yes sire ree, the U.S. is being taken to task by Martin Rooney who was fingerprinted at the Washington State border and told to return home to Surrey, Canada after he divulged that his disability was HIV. In an ironic twist, I had a mind boggling experience at the same border crossing, but you'll have to read the book to find out what happen. Sorry, I digressed. The 1987 law which was written prior to today's medical break through has still been on the books until recent efforts from Senator John Kerry via his amendment to the global AIDS relief bill. the bill has passed through the House and is now awaiting Senate action. Believe it or not, HIV is the only medical condition singled out as a basis for inadmissibility under the U.S. Immigration and Nationality Act. Sen. John Kerry, D-Mass, has been quoted as calling the measure "ridiculous" in an e-mail response. I was broadsided after reading the material and wondered about all the other terrible diseases and ailments that may be crossing the border without detection or concern. The whole scenario is quite unsettling if not downright scary at best.
“This law was written when little was known about the disease and destructive stigmas often won the day,” Kerry wrote. “With new knowledge about the disease, we must make it clear that this discriminatory, Draconian law will no longer be tolerated.” Excuse Mr. Kerry, thanks for
your insight,but exactly why in the hell did it take so long to get this taken care of? Talk about broken government!!!

Taxes- R-Us: In a interesting, yet perplexing silliness. H& R Block posted a message on their system which stated: "H&R Block's computer program doesn't “support Connecticut civil unions” and advised couples to visit an H&R Block office or contact a professional by phone." Say What? It seems that these tax preparers didn't take into account those in civil unions who are trying to file their taxes online but have been steering them to local offices and higher fees. However the local ACLU affiliate said that the practice is discriminatory because it would be more time-consuming and cost couples an eyeopening $155 more to file their taxes. In a letter to H&R Block, ACLU attorney Rebecca Shore said the company's failure to support online filing for taxpayers in civil unions and the imposition of a higher fee “constitute clear discrimination” based on Connecticut's civil union statute.
Shore said it appears that married same-sex couples in neighboring Massachusetts can use the online tax filing program.
ACLU is demanding that H&R Block immediately provide free, online support for self-filing of state tax returns by taxpayers in civil unions. Also, the organization wants H&R Block to reimburse all customers in civil unions who've already paid the extra charges imposed on them for filing their state tax returns. On the local front, this isn't an issue since this state doesn't reconized civil unions but you can rest asure that there will be the annual tax demonstration from area organizations. Watch for future details, in the meantime, have you filed your taxes today?

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