Monday, April 28, 2008

The Hustle and Flow 3.0

Can you believe that we've almost zoomed through the second quarter of the year? Folks are talking about Memorial Day, Fourth of July and PRIDE week already, even as we try to continue to be optimistic, although stunned by that $3.50 a gallon of gas trap. Theres' at least 275 days left in the year and boy, oh boy, it's shaping up to be a doozie to say the least. Of course, you know that I'll be here in the "big chair" taking it all in, and giving it back to you in our unfiltered and unique manner. Ladies and Gentlemen, it's The Hustle and Flow 3.0....

Pride in the City: The Annual Conway Pride schedule has been announced from organizers. 4th Annual Conway Pride Parade & Festival Sponsored by John Schenck & Robert Loyd in Association with CAR ,Saturday June 23, 2007 Parade Line-up 2pm at the Pink House1605 Robinson Ave., Conway, AR Festival location: Simon Park-next to City Hall 1201 Oak St.Performances By:Sally Miller The Mob Kings DJ Moon God and "surprise" performers. Meanwhile in Little Rock, which has sorta, kinda opted out of producing an official pride gathering due to a lack of interest and resources, there will be the 3rd Annual AR LGBTQ Film Festival Reel Attractions Saturday, June 23 and Sunday, June 24 at Easy Street Piano Bar Cabaret Room, 307 W.7th Street Little Rock. According to an e-blast, Stu Maddux, 6 time Emmy winner will be the special guest. Check the site for more info, including schedule of films:

Meet me in Saint Louie: The National Association of Black and White Men Together's 28th national convention will be held in St.Louis, Mo, July 23-26. The week long gathering of members and patrons from across the US and globally will participate in workshops, caucuses and many fun activities. I've attended this conference twice before and it's an energizing retreat into consciousness raising and synergy that has always left me empowered. Not to mention connected to new acquaintances and networking contacts that span the rainbow of diversity. There are early bird registrations available online and additional schedule information. Go to or e-mail organizers directly at Tell you heard about it here!

Talking Out Loud: I writing a letter to Bill Moyers to thank him for his interview with embattled pastor Jeremiah Wright, who's been on the firing line since the appearance of those YouTube snippets and his connection to Senator turn presidential front runner, Barack Obama. Moyers, PBS series which is one of my favs, often takes subjects and peels back their complexities in a quiet and compose mode. For me this is the most enjoyable means to diffuse the hype and passing parade of talking heads who are "shocked, simply shocked," at Mr. Wright's point blank preachy tradition. In case you missed the show, there's always some access on PBS and if you've been broadsided by all the rhetoric, as I too found myself in question of his position, until I saw the interview. Moyers was in classic form, asking, probing, pondering and allowing Wright to fully explain the contexts of his sermons juxtaposed to his being. Even at 4 a.m. ( the show was repeated at that time) I was curious and drawn in to the one on one conversation. Subsequently, I also watched the NAACP keynote speech given 4.27.08 covered by CNN which was even more enlightening as Wright proceeded to dissect topics ranging from the "mis education" of Black children to the misunderstanding of the variety of "tones" from which Black people have evolved. Ultimately, he called for more understanding among the masses including gays and lesbians, more dialogue about race relations and noted that straight talk about our ongoing issues is paramount for a changed world seeking transformation. Let me be clear, Rev. Wright's descriptive speeches are factual tough medicine, nauseating to taste, but necessary for the ailment. Furthermore, Wright's address to the National Press Club also gave me further insight that Wright although consider controversial is entitled to have his say as demonstrated by his extensive oratory in which he illustrates his positions eloquently and with scholarly depth. Even though Mr. Moyers may never read my comment, his show has again stopped the maddening noise and gave me a quiet teachable moment.

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