Monday, April 14, 2008

Bitter, party of...

Did you miss me? Did you even notice? Did you wonder what's up? Well, Did you? From all indications probably not. I had circumstances that kept trumping my daily posting and let me say, "the crown was not amused!" However, I survived and found my way back to the big chair to continue my daily musings. I was chumping at the bit during last weeks news cycles but my determination became overwhelming when the issue of being bitter came on the radar screen. that's an issue I can deleve right into with glee and pleasure to boot. So, without any hestitation let's get this party started...

Bitter Obama: I composing this ditty just as the "bitter Obama"snafu is unfolding and tounges are wagging about whether the Bouncing O is suffering from "foot in mouth" disease or doth the Senator speaks too much. The blogger on the Huffington Report sent shockwaves when she posted an audio file featuring the presidential candidate speaking candidly about "bitter folks, guns and gospel," all in the same phrase. Some one sound the alarm, Obama is telling us stuff that we all know is true but don't want to hear! How dare you Mr. O, go out on a limb and say what other folks are really thinking. Have you been reading CorneliusOnpoint? It's amazing that when the root of situations are called out then all of sudden everyone goes nuts, meanwhile demanding immediate retractions, an acknowledgement of "misspeaking," or something to that affect. Exactly what is that we want to hear? Since the mash up was front and center, Obama has said that perhaps he did'nt speak well or it was out of context. You know that old stand by excuse when some one is annoyed by something you really meant or didn't mean to say. Let's face it, yes there is bitterness in the land and bitterness has been apart of the American fabric since it's inception. Have we forgotten the Boston Tea Party? How about those Southern States that wanted to form their own union? Don't you think those stranded passengers on American Airlines last week were a bit bitter about it all? Let's face it there's plenty of bitterness to go around and if Obama wanted to call it like he see's it, then so be it. Enogh already, let's get back to the real issues, if we can.

Bitter Cosby: Another Case in point is Bill Cosby who was almost drawn and quartered for speaking frankly to the Black community about the various ills and delusions that are rampant among my bothers and sisters. His remarks about personal responsibility and discipline were met with catcalls and decires of "airing our dirty laundry," for all to see. I applaud Cosby for his continuing stance and boldness to say what many know is the truth. Almost everyday I personally witness much of what Mr.Cosby has stated. Often I'm apalled at the behavior and dismissive attitude that seems to be running amuck among certain sectors of the black community ranging from sullen youths to unreliable business people. I can't for the life of me understand what's really going on? Cosby's recent book with Dr. A. Poussiant entitled "Come on People...On the Path from Victims to Victors," is a book that is a clarion call to our community about the alarming stats that have been and continue to impede the progress of many. This bitter pill may be hard to swallow but it one that we need a hefty dose of.

Bitter Cornelius: I couldn't end this stew pot without my own tip of the hat to bitterness. I usually try not to get to that low point but sometimes I've found myself dwelling in the land of bitter. So as I end this posting, I felt I would rattle off a few bullet points:

  • People who say they are willing to partner with you on projects then, never follow through. No explanation or no apologies.

  • It appears that most of my real friends died and somehow I haven't been able to cultivate replacements.

  • Professionals whom over explain matters, when a simple explanation will do.

  • The fact that I now have to eat more baked foods when I really love them fried.

Yes, people, there's a lot of bitterness in the land and I know many of you have your share of items to bring to the table. So, let loose. Let's hear about it, and then move on....

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