Friday, April 25, 2008

Oh can you see the TGIF!

Here we are again, it's a TGIF and what a week it's been! What can you say, Lions, Tigers and Bears, oh my! If you haven't been to this side of OZ lately then, grab your favorite beverage and preapare yourself a seat. It's our friday mash up from the fringe lunatic to what were they thinking... Let's go!

Checks in the Mail: GW has spoken. The checks are in the mail according to President Geogre Bush who said that those stimulus checks will be sent by direct deposit. He insisted that this rebate package be expedited in a Friday press conference prior to his weekend retreat. Bush feels that the affects of this cash infusion should help stimulate the economy. My advice- Do NOT spend your check on stupid stuff. Here's my quick pick:

A. Pay down, pay off or pay out your high interest credit cards.

B. RE-invest in your current investment vehicles( 401 K, IRA, etc.)

C. Put the cash in your rainy day fund or emergency fund. You might need it later

D. If all else fails and you have to make a purchase, buy something that will accrue in value!

Dangerous Negro: I was intensely intrigued when I got a blurb talking about, Dangerous Negro. I though, now obviously someone isn't about being politically correct by embracing this moniker, however, it's a marketing ploy that got my attention and most likely many others. It's a website, which specializes in the "in your face" and those "bet you don't have this one, do ya? T-shirts. It's an online T-shirt outlet that's been promoted by a North Carolina African American Studies major student who give you a chance to "feed into her activist rampages" with style by designing your own or choosing from array of brands.
I looked for the shirt that's in the picture, but I think this style has actually been discontinued. Perhaps it was a apart of the holiday collection. Never you mind, there's plenty other striking fashion statement available. If you dare...

Lavender Boomers: Forever young is such a fleeting moment as I rapidly approach my mid-life crisis point. Despite that big life change to come, I 've been encouraged that acorss the country and hopefully soon in this area there are communites being developed for senior GLBTQ members and beyond. I was intrigued with a story from the San Francisco Chronicle and felt I needed to share an exceprt with you. If you think it's too early to think about retirement, think again...for the entire story you'll have to click to

With Baby Boomers moving closer to retirement, entrepreneurs and community groups are looking to serve niches within that huge demographic group.
One such niche is retirement communities for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people.
Nationwide, dozens of groups have tried to build retirement communities for gays, but only three have opened thus far, according to Gerard Koskovich, who tracks the subject for the Lesbian and Gay Aging Issues Network.
Aging experts, entrepreneurs and nonprofits say the need is there, but the challenge is more complex than build it and fill it. They have to raise money; find an affordable, attractive, gay-friendly locale; and motivate people who, like all seniors, might want or need anything from Pilates classes to nursing care.
In the past decade, at least 40 ideas for gay senior housing have come up, but many stalled in the planning. So far, an upscale project in Santa Fe, N.M., that opened in 2006 has had difficulty filling. An affordable complex that opened in 2007 in Hollywood has had more success.
Despite that national track record for gay senior housing, three Bay Area projects are moving closer to reality after years of planning.
Each of the three - Barbary Lane in Oakland, Openhouse in San Francisco and Fountaingrove Lodge in Santa Rosa - has a different business model. Nevertheless, each is premised on the concept that many gays want to spend their retirement years in places where they're comfortable being themselves.
Accustomed to being out of the closet, they don't want to go back into it for fear of rejection or discrimination at a retirement center. They go along with Barbary Lane's motto, "Closets are for clothes, not seniors."
Because of anti-discrimination laws, none of the projects is exclusively gay. Straight people may move in, too, but the projects bill themselves as gay-friendly.
San Francisco's Openhouse
Openhouse expects to take a big step forward Tuesday afternoon when the San Francisco Board of Supervisors is tentatively scheduled to approve its land-use plan.
"This represents three years of getting the project through the city process," said Moli Steinert, executive director of the nonprofit organization.
Openhouse will be part of a larger rental project being developed by AF Evans on the site of the former UC Berkeley Extension campus at 55 Laguna St. Evans is preserving three buildings there and converting them to housing.
Finally, Openhouse has started a community outreach program for isolated seniors. It began in Bernal Heights, where gay people of all ages were invited to a meeting and asked to be aware of gay senior neighbors who might need help, such as referral to the Bernal Heights Senior Center.
The outreach program will move to the Castro district and Noe Valley, which have many gay residents. "People are fired up," Steinert said.
In the process, Openhouse can see where gay seniors are clustered into "naturally occurring retirement communities," she said.

Vagina Volumes: It's been a interesting week for the sister. First up, Star "twinkle twinkle" Jones' bombshell news that she's getting a divorce from ubber husband Al Reynolds. The man who she thought was her shinning knight for enternity and created a sensation with her 5 star wedding parade. Tounges are wagging and some folks are saying, "girl you should have known better..." Whew, Our Ms. Jones is now in seclusion trying to figure it all out.. Then it's the Prophetess Juanita Bynum who wanted to keep it real on Divorce Court this week talking about her ill-fated marriage to Bishop Weeks to Judge Lynn Toler. She said she still loved him ,but needed to move on because there ain't no marriage. Her public beat down and YouTube mea culpas make you wonder, "Yo, Juanita, what were you thinking when this joker was manhandling you..?" And finally, Janet, Janet, Janet- call miss Jackson, who has mused that if she was going to have a little Lesbian trisk, her flavor would be fellow celeb, Alicia Keyes. Alrighty then. In other reported stories, Ms. Jackson had high praise for drag queens,because she said they "study their subjects" and give it there all. She said that she we also love to do a magazine spread dressed as a "drag queen."

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