Friday, November 14, 2008

End Week- End Game

It's Here! Another TGIF as 2008 goes into express mode with only 47 days left in the year. Can you believe it? COP:24/7 doing it for another year from the Big Chair offering our unique brand of coverage from Central City to global happenings. Whew, where's the time gone! No matter, any how because as they say," we ain't through with you yet..." So gird your loins and let the chips fall where they may.

Singing for your Supper: They're at it again! DSRA is having another Karaoke round Saturday, 11.15.08. Doors open early and the warbling began around 9 p.m. If you've got talent or not, you are invited to share an evening of fun with the guys and gals of DSRA. As I understand prizes will be awarded, snacks,( they always have the good food) and those unbelievable drink specials. So what are you waiting for! You never know I just might drop in to take turn at the mic! See our web listing for a link or you can call them at 501.413.2008. Tell you heard it here!

NW Kudos: The Northwest Arkansas GLBTQ community center will be hosting upcoming events that are of interest to those in the area. On 11.16.2008 a NWA Pride meeting at 2 p.m., Buddy Show Night at the Walton Arts Center, 12.6.08 and their Annual Holiday Potluck, 12.7.08 at the Jones Center (room 136) at 2 p.m. The event will also feature a Jackpot Drawing and entrees from those attending. In other news, the organization also has been seeking additional members through their ongoing membership drive as they try to improve . The website, has donation links, contact and other updated info. It's not easy keeping it current, but you got to, in order to stay on point! Congrats to all!!

Counting Heads: With all the economic news, subsequent layoffs and such. If you are looking for a gig, enter the Census 2010. The U.S. Government is preparing to count the households in America and they will need boots on the ground to do so. Need a Job or at least interested, then call them up at 1.866.861.2010 for more info. We'll update as more info comes around.

Impacting USA: It's gonna be a busy weekend for those in protest mode or community organizing. According to Join the Impact website, there are demonstrations slated for LR & Fayetteville in solidarity for Prop 8. The marriage measure that was overturned in California, but another similar measure solidly passed in Arkansas. Anyway, organizer Jason Young, states that it's all going down this Saturday (11.15.08) at 12:30 p.m. on the Capitol Steps. Also, the Face Book group dealing with ACT 1 will meet at 3 p.m. at the Unitarian Church. Even though there are no listed co-sponsors for this effort, I sure that allies from the ACT 1 camp might be present. Nevertheless, there's some folks talking out loud and we've got to hear what they have to say. Reach out and touch him but tell em you heard it here!! 870.313.2951 In the meantime, don't meet me there, beat me there.

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