Monday, November 10, 2008

Out of the Gate Monday

The year 2008 is winding down after a metoric high last week and the impending holiday season that will lead us to 2009. Consequently, January will roll around taking us yet again into overdrive with the inaugural of President Elect Obama and Vice President Elect Biden on January 20, 2009. Even as that event is in the making, COP: 24/7 will continue to bring you our savvy brand of news, updates, commentary, links and podcasting. It's been a journey for this forum and we will continue to give our best until....we will get back to ya on that one. Let's go inside!

Gays Ablaze on 8: In case you are disconnected for whatever reason, those brothers and sisters in Caly are not about to take the recent rescinding vote on gay marriage sitting down. Known as Prop 8 in the sunshine state has sent those folks into the streets in mass. Say what, people reacting? Queer Folk with placards and taking a full throated stance on a important issue. In the words of the "thrilla from Wasilla," Say it ain't so Joe! But, yes my readers, these individuals are fired up and making it known across California and nation. I've been getting all kinds of updates and press releases from out west and it's just invigorating to see all that people power at work. Especially since this state has done a double wammy on the rainbow community by passing two anti-gay initiatives without a hitch. Even though there were committed efforts, it pales to the outpouring of passion from those west coasters. And so it goes...

Lavender Ideas Adrift: Many post ago, I mentioned that there was an idea emerging about developing a local GLBTQ community center. I heard a brief blurb from those spinning this concept, but was wondering what's really going on. So I went in search and here's the update. After a lofty announcement on their newly minted website, back in Feb. 08, in which they stated their State incorporating, accounts set up's and all the other trappings of a NPO. It seems that the idea has been on a slow boat to china with much else except a workshop presentation in April. I checked the calender and it was filled with "old news" and bouncing links. As usual this forum which is Arkansas "only daily online blog" consistently dealing with GLBTQ issues is not even listed. Yikes! Say it ain't so Joe, again.! Hey guys, I'm still here doing it in cyberspace with or without ya. I will send out a SOS to these folks to say howdy do. Check back for the update.

Links Unplugged: Speaking of MIA,(missing in action) was the two links featured on the virtual community site were, Little Rock Pride and LR Capitol Pride respectfully. Each site has error messages attached thusly meaning perhaps they are "toast?" Each site served it function including a posting about my self on LRP, before they attempted to brand myself as some kind of "turncoat" by doing what I do best, "ask the hard questions, while not being afraid of pandering to those with thin skins. Ouch! It'a hard out here being a messenger pimp in cyberland. If it gets to hot in the kitchen the make a exit I say. However, those sites did serve a practical purpose and offered a choice for those in search of info. It would have been nice, if they were going be through with, that perhaps they could have directed their readership to this forum. What, make nice with that bastard at COP:24/7 and keep people connected with what's happening in the mid-south. Naaaah, that would be too much like right. Because we all know that some folks in this river town would rather you have "no pie, than some piece of the pie." Yeah, I said it. So, if LRP and LRCP are done, then RIP. If not, just like that motel motto,"we'll leave the light on..."

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