Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Is this Thing ON..part 2

I said that it would be a fast and furious week and damn it I mean it. There are so many angles to events happening that I going to try to get them all in some how. So, let's not even waste time.

Circling the Waggons: That hastily organized demo on 11.15.08 here in Little Rock, seems to have been trumped by counterparts in Northwest Arkansas whom garnered some TV time to boot. What's wrong with this picture you ask? Thanks for asking. Even though there were at least 60 in the turn out, exactly what's the impact or outcome of that mash up. Let's face some facts. First up, one speaker made the observation at the lack of African Americans and latino's present. Oh really now. I've had qualms with my nubian brother's and sister's for their overt lack of visible participation in civil acts such as events of this type. For the record, by no means do I speak for the African American community, whether SGL or not. However, I've chided my people for their docile and disaffected attitude toward issues that could directly affect them. It's so ironic since the NAACP has been in the news for their part in California's Prop 8 fight. I realize that for some, other matters are now pressing especially during these economic times. But I'm not so convinced when the area night spot Club Good Times is filled to the gills with folks tripping the light fantastic which ultimately ends up in some type of violence. Yet, the owner "Angie" of CGT has attempted to offer some empowerment activities, although with some marginal outcomes, at least the attempt was made. Yet most of these activities are not front and center but sequestered in the confines of club darkness or sorta lackluster at best. Of course, the question that looms large is was any outreach to this community and what was the tone! Yes, my pretties, you've got to at least ask, sometimes cajole or begrudgingly beg them. Not only those minorities but by golly much of GLBTQ community which acts like deer in headlights on these issues. It's really simple people. Either put up or shut up. Enough said, at least for now...

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