Friday, November 21, 2008

Is this Thing On..?, Part Two

Hello... anybody out there. Is this thing on? Yeah I think so, because a few of you have left your comments and observations, but certainly not enough. I'm sending out a clarion call to the entire rainbow community to tune into our special brand of news, links, commentary, and breaking news. This site is Arkansas' only daily updating weblog with what's really going on in the midsouth. We've been here live and in living color for 4 years and counting! All the while, always staying on point! Tell a friend, become a follower of this blog, forward an article, share your thoughts, bookmark us, but if nothing else stay locked in to COP 24/7!

Action Arkansas: The scheduled march co-sponsored by various local groups in on track to step off from McArthur Park at 4 p.m. The color is Black and the message is in definance of ACT 1 that was passed in the November elections. The initiative won 57 % of ballots cast despite polls and offensive campaigns which felt they had a good chance of defeating it. If you plan to participate, dress warm. It's suppose to be chilly. Check back for updates.
Calling in Gay?: I'm a management veteran, and I've heard almost every excuse under the sun for not showing for a shift. But "Calling in Gay? is certainly new one on me. However, this December 10th political action method entitled, "A Day without a Gay," will be in support of International Human Rights Day. According to the website, Join the Impact which has evolved as a protest central, the day will demonstrate the signifcance of the those lavender dollars in the economy and beyond. If recall their was a similar action by the immigrant community which highlighted the bedrock of their workforce. JTI gives a listing of ideas for individuals to follow to help with marking this event. You can find their suggestions at But not to be outdone, I have my own unsciencetific list of items that you might want to consider. Here we go...

1. Instead of Calling in Gay, develop the Rainbow Flu. Talking about ramping up curiosity. But if you must go and who doesn't, give em the silent treatment. It simply drives folks nuts when you don't speak.

2. Go to the Bank and ask for your change in your next transaction to be given in $2.00 bills.

3. Drink only non-caffeine beverages on a day long fast until dusk.

4. Tune up and then Tune out. No cell phone usage, texting, IM's or gadgetry. Let your friends and family know that you will be signing off for the day.

5. Gather some friends and spend at least 1 hour in meditation publically or privately.

6. Find time to volunteer at an GLBTQ organization or allies which support human rights.

7. Spend your $2.00 bills at only GLBTQ businesses exclusively. This forum does qualify for this action. We will have our motivation widget up with hopes that some of you will show us your pride with a love offering.

8. Display the rainbow colors in your own special way. Flags, buttons, pins or quilts.

9. Enlist the support of extended allies or partners in this action.

10. Send us your videos, music, stories or other content letting us know how you celebrated a Day without a Gay.

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