Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Fast, Furious and Fabu in Cyberbland, Again

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SHE's BACKKK!: The unsinkable and often time terse, Ms. Rosie O Donnell is back in our faces with a new prime time mash up this Wednesday night, 11.26.08. It's a "re-working" of the variety show format that went with Donny and Marie as well as many others decades ago. But, those crazy folks who want us to think that they know what we want to watch, found some bodies disposable cash to bring this thingy to life. Obviously, these creative folks missed that OMG disastrous day time Megan( Will & Grace) Mullally outing that went right into the abyss.

I don't know for the life of me why, but it seems that RO has a determined fan base that believes that every thing comes up "Rosie" in their entertainment world. I admire ODonnell for her determination and gutsy attitude, but sometimes it's all just a bit much. She has that "take no prisoner" persona with those public feuds with Barbra Walters, Elizabeth Hasslebeck, DT as in Trump, those scalawags who torpedoed her ill fated attempt at publishing a few years back and how can anybody forget that Broadway show bomb featuring gender bender Boy George. Of course Rosie, once deemed the "Queen of Nice" has no problem put it all out their, including her marriage to partner Kelly, her kids and all of her opinions via web cam. I guess that small screen scene just wouldn't do. She had to bring her bigger that life "everything" back to the boob tube for one more round of rose colored glasses entertainment. If you dare, check you local listings.

CANDLELIGHT VIGIL: The HIV/AIDS Prevention Coalition will hold a candlelight vigil on the grounds of the State Capitol at 4PM on Monday, December 1, 2008. This event is one of several events including the unfolding of panels of the AIDS Quilt on the Clinton Presidential grounds. In Arkansas, 1,882 people have died as a result of HIV/AIDS. The AHA Coalition will have a red rose for each person and remember their lives as we recommit ourselves to the fight against AIDS. They need 188 people to carry 10 roses so we can honor the 1,882 Arkansans that we have lost. For more info or If you would like to stand up and honor those who continue to fight this disease by attending the vigil and releasing balloons, please RSVP by emailing Include your full name and cell number. For info on the AIDS Quilt activities you can access it by calling 748.0419 or email If you can participate at any of these activites, and you should, tell them that you heard about here at COP:24/7

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