Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Raging the Machine Onward and Upward

It's a mid-week fast tracked edition of COP:24/7 totally filled with what's really going in Central City and beyond. There's no need for doodling around, let's launch this puppy....

Acting Up 1: Apparently some people are ready to circle the waggons and start a fire about the recent ACT 1 ballot measure that was defeated on election day. I've heard from various factions that are peeved, steamed and ready to do what I'm not afraid to do, "call folks out" about their participation or lack of participation in issues that affect the GLBTQ community at large. A group call the "Face Book- Repeal Act 1", will meet at the Unitarian Church, November 15 at 3 p.m. and a subsequent silent march is being planned for 11.21.08 starting at MacArthur park ending at the State Capitol steps. All march participants are asked to wear "black" in support of this effort. Other groups involve include, PRISM at UCA, Unity GSA at Hendrix,The Alliance GSA at UALR and Center for Artistic Revolution. This forum will continue to cover the actions and reactions as they develop. For more info click it to:

Easy Over: The music ceased the last weekend in October for the embattled Easy Street Piano Bar and I was in the house for the final notes. The crowd was as usual but the mood was melancholy tinged with a bitter aftertaste. As I surveyed the attitudes, some felt that it was sorta a shame that the place would be changing hands while others mused that perhaps it may be for the better. Other's seemed unaffected and didn't appear to know that this was actually a wrap party for the place. I did get a sense that the "regulars" are so disenchanted by all this, that they will not be supportive of the new entity. Some sources told me that the deal wasn't done, but you know how some folks don't get it right because I did notice a ABC Beverage Notice in the window, therefore there's been some paper signed by someone since you have to let the permit Gods know where you will be serving the brew. It's been bandied around that both a new entertainment director and MC have been chosen. So I suspect and If I was going to raise this business from the dead, I would probably be ready for a New Eve's breakout. Sound like a good idea to me. We'll keep you posted.

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Interesting, how economic down-turns affect patronage...reckon this is the case? How bad has the economy affected small business in and around Little Rock who depend on people going to them?

Great stuff COP, keep us all informed!