Monday, November 24, 2008

Speaking from the Big Chair

Are you counting? If not, this forum has been on several count downs. Let's see, there's about 60 days to 1.20.09. That's inaugural day. Meanwhile there is the Nightmare Clock that's been going in reverse counting down the last day's of the Bush debacle. Apparently they are still counting votes all over the place, not to mention the 2012 Campaign shigty has started. Then's there's, 2.17.09 day when TV goes digital. O.K. that's enough of that. But in the meantime as the counting goes on, we are in info mode with our continuing special brand of news, updates, links, podcast and commentary. Here we go, again....

Arkansas in Action: It came and went. The March for the repeal of Act 1, speareheaded by Center for Artistic Revolution. The entire event which got good coverage from local media and in some online blogs, also has created a simmering ground swell of activism. The cast net was a good mix of the electorate ranging from tweens to twilight whom descended on the capitol steps to rally the issue, meanwhile demand legislative attention. Somewhat surprising and eye opening was the participation of former judge Wendell Griffen who believes that the measure could be repealed with direct legislative involvement. The outspoken Griffen is not only a former Supreme Court Judge but also a Baptist minister whom I've known for some time. However, his outspokenness on this matter has sorta kinda broadsided me. Since I've never really actually heard him articulate a position on any other GLBTQ related issues. Especially during any of those fiery sermons I've been subjected too over the years. I wonder how the congregation is going to be reacting to this one on Sunday morning or those other bible thumpers in the ministral alliance. We'll have to stay tuned on this one...

Voices Carry: As many of you know, I'm always welcoming and waiting for those so inclined to join me either here in this forum or where ever they land. Enter, Noiranarkie from the creative mind of Eric Reece. His blog can be access at NoirAnarkie. ( In full disclosure, I've know ER for several years and we've had wonderful, thoughtful as well as insightful conversations just about everything but the kitchen sink. He's got an unique perspective that I love listening too and debating. If you get a chance, after you've read me first, then you can check him out.

Babes Do DSRA Toyland: With all this marching and rallying stuff going down, I did get a chance to catch the annual Babes in Toyland funder for AAF held at DSRA last saturday. This affair which originated at the now defunct The Factory club and believe it or not I was one of the first participants, has ebbed and flowed as a fundraiser for the ASO. Hosted by Cherity, the evening featured a variety of local entertainers whom gave of themselves for the cause. Even though the house was not SRO, there were notables among the attendees such as current MGAA Stephanie Richards, former MGAA Megan Michaels, Mr, DSRA, D. Scott and Gay Pride 09 chairperson, Ari. Chagoya. The fundraiser which netted about $500 will go to offer AAF clients a holiday dinner during the season. If you have not had the chance to get a feel for DSRA, then you don't know what you may be missing. I've never been disappointed and may you will not either.

Link Updates: In a past post, I mentioned that some links to certain sites, seem to be bouncing. As you know, in cyberspace, things are always on the move or being updated. So, while I was out and about, LRCP chairperson, Ari Chagoya didn't pass up a chance to remind me as well as the DSRA crowd about Capital Pride, coming June 7, 2009. Also she did another smart move by distributing business size card reminder to that fact. Kudos to you AC. It's always about marketing, especially when you are trying to reach folks who are in the midst of merry making. Furthermore, more hat's off to Ari for making the rounds and trying to meet and greet any one who she can. Now, I'm not sure if all this community touching is translating into the all important demonination of CASH. I noticed that there have been "fundraisers" at both Club Good Times and Jester's in Hot Springs. But viola, no tally report or perhaps at least a summary seems to be published anywhere, not even on the website. And speaking of that website, the passionate reminder by a former board member is just like I like it, On Point! You can check it for yourself at

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