Thursday, August 06, 2009

The 24/7 Catch Up: Take Two Thursday

News, News, who's got the news? Well, of course it's COP:24/7, since we are Arkansas' only daily updating blog site covering the LGBTQ community and beyond. Even though I monitored the in-box while traveling, it seems that there's always more tips and quips coming from every corner of cyberspace. This forum does it ever loving best to capture everything from what's relevant to the ridiculous. It's all here and so much more! So, come in and stay a bit for this version of the 24/7 catch up.

Community Organizing in the City: Historically this state and city has had it's fair share of problematic community organizing. I've seen a revolving door of stellar activist, organizers, capacity builder experts, strategist and grassroots coordinator come through this community and then find their way out as quickly as they arrived. It's unfortunate that this town can't seem to hold on this invaluable talent and expertise, despite the efforts of tireless local advocates whom stay in the trenches on the behalf of social justice. Recently, it was announced that Ryan Olson,(pictured) DYSC coordinator will be moving on from his post at the Center for Artistic Revolution. According to the announcement his obligations with the Clinton School will preclude him from devoting a full time commitment to the project. However, he plans to stay engaged with the Friday night meetings. I've briefly encountered Mr. Olson and found his enthusiasm appealing and his outlook positive even though I believe that he quickly learned that doing such work in this city has it's bounty and often times many barriers. I learned from him of his global travels that included visits to South Africa. On a side note, during our brief conversation, he inquired to myself, if I knew who Archbishop Desmond TuTu was? At that moment an awkward expression came over my face, yet we resolved the question that Cornelius is very adept on who's on the world stage. Nevertheless, I sensed that Ryan willingly came to Little Rock with mixed expectations and perhaps some misconceptions, but with an open mind to assist in the efforts at CAR and the community at large. This can be quite disconcerting after traveling among the large metro areas where activism has more depth as well as synergy from a vibrantly connected community. Energy such as Ryan's and other activist is vitally necessary to non-profits across the board and if more of this people power doesn't materialize, then local organizations will always struggle to accomplish their ongoing agendas. If you are interested in the coordinators position or offering committed volunteer time contact the organization. There's a link in our margin for easy access. In the meantime, thanks Ryan for your work and best wishes on your next endeavors.

Stone Diversity: Jovan Haynes, Membership and Diversity Enhancement Committee Chair for Arkansas Stonewall Democratic has announced an open call for participants in an upcoming meeting. Haynes in an e-mail stated, "that the Arkansas Stonewall Democratic is committed to expanding our circle of friends by increasing diversity. We recognize that this wasn't always the way, however we are hopeful that together we can rebuild bridges so that together we can look toward a new direction of inclusion for all." The committee has identified three areas for diversity enhancement: minority, youth, and veterans. Minority outreach is one area that has been severely overlooked. LBGT Black and Hispanic Americans have long been sidelined on critical issues such as HIV/AIDS, faith, straight outreach, LBGT immigration, LBGT history and political policy as well as race relations. Our challengers have used the scheme between white and minority LBGT communities to pass discriminatory policies such as anti-gay marriage amendments, Prop 8 and Act 1. Here's another opportunity for community organizing that open to all community members. Hit Jovan up at Tell em that you heard about it here at COP:24/7
COP Facebook Blow up: It has to had happen right? This forum leaped into the fray of Facebook a few weeks back and many of you and I do mean MANY of you have discovered our presence and gave us hearty shout out for the friend hook-up. I appreciate the many tags, strippers, gadgets and all matter of communication. I appreciate it all and hopefully everyone will backtrack to this platform to give us a boost in our circulation. Speaking of circulating, In the margins you can see who and where many of our readers are checking in from around the country and sometimes the world. I even noticed a click from the former Soviet Union and New Zeland. Alrighty run tell that!
Help Wanted: Are you an artist, writer, commentator, podcaster, videophile or ranter? Then there's a place for you here at COP:24/7. This forum is always on the look out for our talented folks who want a place to put it and then share it. So if you want to be apart of Arkansas' only daily updating, portal, then hit us up in the comment icon section.

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