Friday, August 07, 2009

TGIF: The Round UP

It's been a hell of week of maintaining this forum, scheduling meetings, the home front, and any other curve that the daily grind throws your way. But, somehow and only God knows how I do it. I get the question all to often when I don't make certain events or seem to be dashing in and out of local outlets. It's what it takes to keep it movin and groovin personally and professionally. My early 4:30 AM, yes my pretties in the AM wake up call has become commonplace but it's all about the discipline that really makes it all happen. Think about it. In the meantime, let's do a TGIF Round up...

Networking in the City: I'm all about networking. It's a useful tool no matter what you are up to and this forum is always up to something. With that in mind, I've reached out to another local faction reincarnated from a former entity entitled Brotha's & Sista's, now uniquely christened, "Brotha's & Sista's: Living With/ Affected By". This newly formed organization has chartered it self as a conduit of capacity building for local other organizations. At this time they've established offices at 2224 Main Street inside the Women's Project building and have an array of projects slated for the community, including a film series, workshops, panel discussions, documentary and broad based outreach. Our working association is in it's early stages with more formal plans to come. As they develop, keep it locked to COP:24/7 because I feel there's something about to happen and you don't want to be left out.
Here's a quick post on the upcoming in the film festivals:
Brother Outsider - 'Identifying "Gay" Pros and Cons Friday, August 14, 2009 Doors Open at 6pm Film Begins at 7pm
Paris is Burning - Building the SGL Community Friday, September 11, 2009Doors Open at 6pmFilm Begins at 7pm

CHIP IN Icon None: So far, even after working to get the ChipIn icon to work properly and posted, to date, there's been no happenings. Zero, nothing, na-na,-- blank response! So what gives my readers? This effort is designed as a tool to begin accumulating the necessary funding stream for Pride Picnic 2010. The platform is secured through Paypal and you donations can start at $1.00 up to whatever your max may be. So, now, are there still questions, concerns, attitudes or adjustments about this effort. Don't forget that this forum put it's money where it's clicks are for 2009 and many of you shared that enthusiasm for 2010. O.K. it's now time to show some pride, TODAY! Hit the ChipIn Icon found prominently at the top of the margin. Either we put up or shut up as event planning starts taking shape. It's just that simple.

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