Friday, August 14, 2009

Friday Bounce

Usually I like to lighten up on Friday's, because I believe that four days of heavy lifting needs to be tempered with some relief. Therefore, if there's not pressing matters that warrant, and of course there's always something that breaking out or popping up, but as we bow out the week, it's important to take a diversion. So let's divert our attention to some pop culture shall we? O.K., let's go...

Crowns-R-Us: This weekend is what the circuit pageant girls have been waiting for, the crowning of the next Miss Gay Arkansas. It's all going down at DiscoBack complex this weekend (8.14-16.09) featuring the reigning MGAA, Stephanie Richards and MGA, Victoria Depaula. A picture would be nice of MGA, but I didn't have time to get permission to use one. So you'll have to go their website to take a peek at the current titleholder, if you don't make the event. At post time I couldn't determine how many contestants(sometimes guys drop out or drop in? The year I was to participate I was dropped out before I could drop in.) but I do know that the field will be cut by finals to at least the top 6. The evenings will be filled with a roll out of formers, special guest and pageant banter for spectators. I'm not sure if I'll be making the trek this year, but be prepared for a night of gowns, glitz and glory. In the meantime, here's my prediction for the winner, It'll be Zia D'Yor by a bugle bead! 1st Alternate, Diedre Windsor Walker. If the she brings the package, I'm betting that Diamond Rose will make the the finals. Alright,I've put it out their, so let the games begin!! Good Luck you guys!! Don't forget that everyone is winner for the experience.

OH Whitney: Yes after much drama and much soul searching it appears that Ms. Houston is ready for her close up. She's returning to the spotlight with her latest CD, I Look to You (Arista) featuring that title song and I've been running her I didn't Know My Own Strength in our Jukebox. At first listen, I wasn't sure about it, but as I allowed it settle in, I look forward to tuning in to hear it. I can find myself in the words and meaning. Sometimes, I don't know my own strength. Whitney looks serene and goddess like on the cover. Like any battle tested women, she's exuding an inner power, confidence and damn it all defiance that the lyrics state, "I stumbled, but I didn't crumble." Now that's saying a lot when the chips are down. Get up, dust yourself off and come on back because your not done yet. Here's a Way Up High Five to Whitney for taking it on the chin and come back swinging. The CD is dropping in the next 45 days and pre orders are now being taken at I-Tunes or your favorite outlet. You can find more on YouTube. Also, WH will start the grand comeback with a live concert, 9.02.09 on ABC's Good Morning America.

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