Monday, August 17, 2009

Fresh out of the Shoot

It's another Monday and I'm in the Big Chair with news fresh out of the shoot. I checked all my sources, fielded questions and emptied the e-box in search of the latest updates, breaking news, links, video and anything that could make the cut. As usual it's fast and furious, ranging from the critical to the comical. Trust me, it's all right here at COP:24/7 and you simply must stay locked in to really know what's going on in Central city and beyond. Without delay, let's get cracking!
Crowns-R-Us: It's over and the winner is...Christina Saxton, Miss Gay Arkansas, 2009 with Zia D'Yor as 1st Alternate. O.K. I missed it in the prediction category but, the pageant Gods have spoken and it is what it is. Saxton has competed in numerous pageants across the state as well as promoter of other local titles. I competed against Christina 8 years ago ( was it that long?) and have seen him excel in talent and overall packaging since then. It's no secret that Saxton spares no expense to get that max affect in his crown pursuits. 1st Alternate Zia D Yor, has quickly emerged as a force to be reckon with on the circuit and has participated in various benefit shows including supporting the DSRA's rodeo. Congratulations to each as they continue on to the Miss Gay America contest in the STL ( St.Louis) October 28- November 1, 2009.
Bar Watch Update: At this posting, delays, miscues, mishaps and other mayhem seem to be the order of the day for the local venues trying to get the doors open. OffCenter's, PULSE, although in a fierce race to get things done, apparently has had a problem with getting it's lighting system delivered. I mentioned this about a month ago and I'm still hearing that these "lights" have not arrived or created or what have you. Also, getting those pesky craftsmen to get in high gear has been cited as issues in getting the venue off the ground. I'm plugged into to the Myspace site and will update as soon or later as I get the info. Meanwhile, I checked in on the Speakeasy crew, who also is full tilt with their efforts. Admist the dust and construction, the theme restaurant is slowly coming together including the addition of Chef Landry with an ambitous menu. The management has stated that they were planning to be open by the target date, 8.21.09, however in my honest estimate I can't forsee that actually taking place. Yet, if you've got tenacity to do it, then by all means do it. I certainly appreciate people on a mission. As for the purported club, SWAY, it's mums the words and no one seems to have any information on what's up with the urban theme club envisioned by Mr. Marcus. He's not talking, at least not to us and from what this forum can tell, not to anyone else. And so it goes...

PFLAG in the House: A Community Mixer to Celebrate the Launch of P-Flag of Central Arkansas will take place, September 18, 2009 6:30pm at 800 Scott St. inside First Presbyterian Church. According to an announcement from CAR, " In the course of CAR’s work with youth and young adults through our DYSC program we have encountered numerous families who are struggling with their child’s sexual orientation or gender identity. In order to facilitate access to resources for these families and other families as they emerge we’ve facilitated the beginning of a new P-Flag chapter that will initially be housed with CAR in order to provide infrastructure and resources to ensure its growth and longevity. Questions of sexual orientation and gender identity are not limited to any one race, ethnic or cultural group. In order to help present a realistic picture of the families living in Arkansas with lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, same gender loving and questioning family members or friends, the founding members of this chapter are African-American, white and Latino. If you are interested in helping with the P-Flag chapter or attending meetings please contact us at 501-244-9690 or

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