Monday, August 31, 2009

Speaking Volumes: August Bows Out

Since the inception of this forum, I've tried to leverage it's usefulness and access juxtaposed to our daily updating. In 2007 COP:24/7 we participated in a business networking concept, As 2008 took shape we adopted our 3 Pillar Mission Statement highlighting the scope of empowerment, information and infortainment. In 2009, this forum rallied the Pride cause with other local entities with our contributions to Pride Picnic 09 and now, we continue our community involvement as a facilitator for Gay Politics 101, "What you Don't Know, Can hurt You," as apart of the Three Days in September Community Building piece sponsored by Brotha's & Sisters and AMHC. I was some what broadsided by the request, but as many of you know, I'm always ready for yet another challenge. However, this opportunity will allow a chance to dialogue while disseminating some vital information. If you are curious, intrigued or just down right wanting to know what's really going on, then put your face in the place. Check out the Facebook E-vite, call B&S at 501.612.5775 or you can check in with us by hitting our comment icon. I promise you don't want to miss it....

Welcome to WELLNESS COP24/7 STYLE: All this week I'll be highlighting "all things wellness," in an effort to add to the Health care debate by encouraging each of you to get pro-active with your health instead of abdicating your health to a system that may or may not be available for you. I just completed my yearly physical and I'm proud to state that according to my PCP, I'm in good damn health for a man my age. Even with that said, you can't get out of the doc's office without those reminders of dropping a few pounds, more exercise and good nutrition. As a primer, I also get Men's Health online to keep me tuned into what I should be doing without the office co-pay.

From Men's Health:
Why Living Right Matters
For two decades, Men's Health has been telling you to eat right, to exercise, and to limit risk factors such as smoking and excessive drinking.Now, a study in the Journal of the American Medical Association backs us up.The study looked at six lifestyle factors: body weight, smoking, exercise, alcohol intake, consumption of breakfast cereals, and consumption of fruits and vegetables. Then it measured the lifetime risk of heart failure among 20,000 men.Guys who didn't comply with any of the healthy lifestyle choices stood a one in five risk of heart failure. Those who adhered to at least four healthy habits were more than half as likely to suffer heart failure.What does it mean to you? It means the formula works. So stick to it:
Watch your weight. If you're carrying more pounds than you should, join the thousands of guys who've regained control of their bodies in the Belly Off! Club.
Exercise regularly. Hit the gym with one of our 18 cutting-edge training guides, all available in our recently updated iPhone app. It's like having a personal trainer 24/7!
Eat right. It's easier than you ever thought possible, with these eight perfect fitness foods and our list of the 20 worst fast foods in America. Need more ideas on eating smart? Pick up the new book Eat This Not That! The Best (& Worst) Foods in America.
Limit alcohol. Read on to know how much is too much, and how it can affect you from the workplace to the bedroom.
Don't smoke. Enough said, as it’s one of the 12 worst health problems for men.The good news is accomplishing just four goals was as effective at protecting the heart as scoring all six. You don't have to be perfect, just determined (on that note, consider these 17 shortcuts to perfect health). Do it and you'll be able to visit and profit from more great tips for a very long time. For you tech geeks, apparently you can now get a prompt from your digits. It's now all about staying in touch with MEN'S HEALTH ON YOUR IPHONE For all-new on-the-go training guides, download the latest version of our iPhone App. It's like having your own personal trainer 24/7-for just $1.99 I don't have an I-phone and not sure how this gadget works but buyer beware, especially if you already have a gym membership that you are not using. Until next safe, be good or at least good at it!

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