Thursday, December 17, 2009

Angles and Frames Thursday

2K10 Commeth:The days of 2009 are clicking quickly as we prepare for the last year of the decade of the 21st Century, 2010. With that deadline juxtaposed to our own pending "self destruct," timeline, it's calendar boy and girl time. Thanks to Blackbooks Online for giving me heads up on it's latest offerings and the many other items that are just right for stocking stuffing. If you need that little something extra for yourself or your special other you can get it from their website, Enter Coupon Code: TAGGED and receive 10% off your entire purchase. And don't forget to tell em you heard about it here.

Is there a Doctor in the House

With the Health care debate pot boiling in Congress and the American people in the cross hairs of the battle, there are many articles and stories that should be on your radar. I discovered one such item in Men's Health entitled , "8 Things your Doctor's not telling you." It's important that as consumers you be engaged with your practitioner to secure the best outcomes for your well being. Get educated and Get Empowered is the best prescription you can get.

Before the feds brought him down in 1996, Edwin Kokes had a pretty good racket. Mr. Kokes convinced people that he was, in fact, Dr. Kokes and had cured thousands of AIDS and cancer patients. He encouraged folks to stop their medications and buy his potions instead, including one called M-Bone. Its special ingredient? Sulfuric acid.
Even if your doctor isn't intentionally out to mislead you, we'll bet a box of tongue depressors that he is keeping you in the dark about certain things. These are secrets that can save you money, time, and even your life. Click here for 8 things you'll never hear from your doctor—unless you know what to ask.

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