Tuesday, December 29, 2009

On Point Round Up and Outpost

Moving like a breaking locomotive, faster than a drag show change and badder than another public figure mash up, it's COP:24/7 dashing for the sign off button come midnight 12.31.09! Here we are 2 days out and counting, but still not done with bringing you the latest updates, commentary, links, video and damn near anything else we can get packed into this forum. Let's not waste a second!

Quiet "Q" Nights: Hello out there!? Of course with the holidays wrapping up with this weeks 2K10 calendar turn, it's no surprise that local organizations have seemingly gone in hibernation. However, this forum wanted to throw out the last of that type of info before we bid you adu! So far, the groups with 2010 plans already in the works are as follows. First up, after the DSRA NYE Bash, the rodeo association has released it's January calender featuring a talent night and the next Remembrance Royalty Show slated for Jan. 30. 2010. Need a Bachelor for those cold nights? The Arkansas AIDS Foundation will begin a new year of fundraising on 1.29.2010, at the STAR Bar, 8-10p.m. $10.00 cover. Stonewall Democrat's will meet 1.28.2010 at 6p.m., Democratic HQ, 1300 W. Capital Ave, Little Rock, AR. The group is gently reminding members that their Annual Dues of $35 ($15 for students) may be mailed to Stonewall Democratic Caucus of Arkansas PO Box 250253 Little Rock, AR 72225. As a part of DYSC’s (Diverse Youth for Social Change) fund raising efforts they will host Sordid Lives, January 28, 2010 at the Weekend Theater Corner of Chester and 7th Silent Auction 6:00pm ,Curtain is at 7:30pm
Tickets are $25.00 – Call for tickets – 501-244-9690 or 501-258-3186 The event will support the group to attend the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force's Annual Creating Change Conference. Yet, these are only a few of the community organizations gearing up for 2010 and hopefully their efforts will be successful. During this forum's tenure I made an significant attempt to provide a "free" means to advertise local events including those I attended or due to scheduling wasn't present. There was no nepotism or implied pretense to posting, reviewing or lampooning events. This forum has always been about community and sometimes our under belly gets spotlighted for better or worse. I've chided organizations or individuals that "putting the word out" about whatever they are producing is vital to it's success. Unfortunately, COP:24/7 won't be apart of that mix in the near future, but perhaps we offered a teachable moment to whom produce such events as well as those who attend.

BarWatch A-Go-Go: I can't leave, I won't leave, I must not leave without at least one more round of BarWatch. 2009 has been quite a year for the local scene and this blog has been front and center for most of it, if not all of it! So let's recap shall we? Of course, we bid farewell to the defunct The Factory a bit back and Easy Street went on to reincarnation as Speakeasy: The Piano Bar which ebbed and flowed to an opening and fanfare, even though there's still some construction going on. I had some drawbacks about how this venture would fare, yet I hoped the best for all involved especially, Matriarch Miss M whom chatted me up with updates and frustrations but always eternally positive about making it work. Yet I've always got some little colorful ditty to share such as on 12.20.09, Me and my partner showed up for their Sunday Brunch to discover music blaring, doors locked and no one serving brunch! Also, I've been made aware that some patrons were quite miffed when their "valet parked" cars were parked illegally and unbeknownest to them they received pricey tickets. Allegedly the "tickets" were removed from the cars upon returning them to owners but subsequently they were contacted by a local parking lot entity about past due fines. All in all, the lounge has been another spot for an enjoyable evening of fun, drinks and people watching. Is there more, yes! The 7th Street Corridor, Sidetracks, The Complex and Star Bar to just to name a few. Come on back as we go to the wire...

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