Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Pointing the way from 2009

3 Days and counting until you discover weather you've been naughty or nice. It's X-MAS 2009 busting a move later this week and I'm getting these last few post for the week out before I take a couple days for the holiday. Don't forget the reason for the season and do your best to bless someone with a random act of kindness. If you do so, share with us and we'll tell you what we did to meet the challenge.

Living the L Word: I 've learned that the groundbreaking show, "The L Word," has become a cult favorite of the lesbian set and beyond. I've only caught the show a couple of times, but it had a "realness" to the story line and the characters seemed multi dimensional, not stereotypes of what someone contrived to believe "gay women" are all about. Especially since it's reported that the Lesbian community throws down about a 690 Billion Dollar market. I need to write a TV show, book or make a movie in the near future with those type Benjamin's floating around. Nevertheless, according to press releases, "it's the final season of the show that won our hearts and got us talking; the show that The New York Times called: "a Sapphic Playboy fantasia" for its unwavering dedication to portraying sexy lesbian characters in a steady stream of increasingly hot and wild story lines. Season 6 is wilder than ever as it revolves around the $64,000 question: "Who Killed Jenny?" Nope, that's not a spoiler — the first episode begins with that question and we spend the whole season in flashback leading up to the big event. And in the words of that great infectious theme song, Season 6 covers everything from: "Talking, Laughing, Loving, Breathing, Fighting, Fu**ing, Crying, Drinking, Writing, Winning, Losing, Cheating, Kissing, Thinking, Dreaming." And SO much more. Starring: Jennifer Beals, Pam Grier, Leisha Hailey, Laurel Holloman, Mia Kirshner, Katherine Moennig, Rachel Shelley, Daniela Sea, Rose Rollins, Marlee Matlin, Kate French. You can get all the DVD's from your favorite outlet on the Net or Wolf Evideo.com !

Liar ,Liar Pantsuit on Fire: It's the Rouge one herself, Sarah Palin, whom just seems to keep going like the energizer bunny with lipstick. She's been berated, maligned, lambasted, and parodied. But I believe that her ascent to the Biggest Political Liar Altar is just the pinnacle of Mrs. P's ebbing and blowing. Her "death panel and rationing rationale" if you want to call it that, is simply almost too much to for any one to bear. It seems that Palin who has begun to master the "double speak" metaphor mantle, should make almost anyone cringe. Except those who believe that she's got a viable viewpoint that suits their fancy and apparently their are few folks out there consuming her brand of "naked truth". On her Facebook bully pulpit/ oracle where she often post her tirades of reasons, causes me to gasp and shutter at the rambling, revisionist rhetoric that she spews for the latest news cycle. What can we say, every village idiot is in search of an audience, no matter how absurd the message or vision. I guess if we want her to fade into the background, it would do best to just ignore her rantings or anything else she's uttering. Since I'm signing off shortly, you won't hear nothing more about her from me. I can't speak for the rest of the media hounds who are ready to take her task at every turn. What feast she's going to be....

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