Friday, December 18, 2009

Friday Bounce Matrix

It's one of the last TGIF's for 2009. Can you believe it? Just where did this year get off too and was I present for all of it? Why certainly I was front and center of the breaking news, updates, commentaries, links, videos, podcast and everything else we could get posted to this forum. It's been a banner year for COP:24/7 as we prepared for the "fat lady to sing," come this December 31,2009. What a year, What a way to go out, but before we do, we've got more of what you should be looking for! Let's Roll...

Is it Health Care Yet?: At this point, the health care reform debate has made me simply sick. It's become a behemoth that seems to resemble something from Dr. Frankenstein's dungeon that being formed from body parts from unknown graves. I've listened, watched and read all that I can take and I'm still confused as to exactly what's coming down the pike. I'm not sure which facet makes me tremble more. Is it the 900 Billion/Trillion/ Zillion dollars that will be needed to fund the thing, or the fact that nothing about this madness will even began to affect those supposedly "millions of newly covered until-- Yikes!, "2014." Not to mention those slicing and dicing Medicare, Medicaid and Medical whatever that's being restructured as deficit offsets and those other fancy financial wranglings that are being bounced around like no body's business. Hey, Mr. Obama, if we don't get this thing right, it's not going to be pretty. Let's hope for the best.

Jeff Johnson's Truth on TJMS

I'm a huge fan of the Tom Joyner Morning Show heard locally on KOKY 102.1 which often keep me in stitches with their unique comedy bits and bites. Yet, with all the morning mayhem that they may heap upon their listening audience, there's always a good dose of sobering commentary for a early AM "teachable moment." I got this e-blast from the National Black Justice Coalition which lauded the commentary from Jeff Johnson on the recent election of Houston's first openly gay mayor whom endured some suttle gay baiting and homophobia from opponents. We are all to familiar in Arkansas with that tactic and it's smear affect that some voters buy into. Here's their e-blast citing his commentary on that historic election.

If you are having difficulty hearing the audio, please click here to use a more compatible file format.
We'd like to call your attention to a commentary from yesterday's Tom Joyner Morning Show, from regular TJMS commentator Jeff Johnson.This brief clip includes commentary on the great lengths some factions went to in trying (unsuccessfully) to prevent Houston's election of an openly lesbian mayor, which leads Jeff Johnson to call out what he sees as a crisis caused by the African American community's unwillingness to be honest about its own homophobia. The clip is less than six minutes long, but in that time Jeff speaks an awful lot of truth to those that may not always want to hear it.For those that don't know his work, Jeff Johnson is a Washington, DC based journalist, activist and commentator. He is the author of Everything I'm Not Made Me Everything I Am: Discovering Your Personal BEST and is chief correspondent for talk show The Truth With Jeff Johnson.This clip is an example of the type of dialogue we need - open and honest, and a call to action asking the Black community to "stop being afraid, and start being willing to understand." His willingness and courage in speaking truth to those who may not want to hear it is inspirational, energizing and deserving of our praise.

Shopping til you Drop: In case you've still not found that special gift for the naughty or nice person on your list. There's some great video or MP3's from our online partner, CD Universe. There release of The Men of Israel, caught my eye and may make it under the tree this season. It's being billed as one of the first video of it's type totally produced in the country featuring an all Israeli cast. Exactly what that means, I'm not sure, but from the info I read, that's beside the point. The cover boys are Avi Dar( left) Matan Shalev (center) and Jonathan Agassi (right) whom give you your yule tide logs and more on a digital dolby double disc. Try saying that 5 times. If you haven't hit our icon gateway to that site, you might want to check this out and all the other fascianting items that CD Universe offers. As I've looked over their catalog, there are numerous gadgets, lubes, toys and enhancement items that are affordable self entertainment. I have no doubts that you can discover something that will either fit in your stocking or under the tree.

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