Monday, December 14, 2009

Holiday Voices Carry

We are making our list and checking it twice, as we prepare to pack this forum like a stuffed Truducken sitting pretty on the dinner table. It's gonna be fast paced, edgy and sometimes off the hook before this blog self destructs come 12.31.09. It's been a blast as we get busy this outing with holiday voices chiming in the background....let's see what up!

OH! Obama: It had to happen as it usually does in America. They discover you, laud you and then lambaste you until the next cycle comes around. It's the trashing of President B. Obama that's ramping up with vigor and rancor. The polls are making the rounds, not to mention the wagging tounges, talking heads and spin master working overtime. I knew that the haters would come with a vengenence but the tone along with visuals are more than earthy as far as I'm concerned. I'm all about free speech, yet some of the outcry is just plain old disrespectful to the office or the person. However, when one ascend to the office of POTUS, it comes with the territory, not matter how vile or sickening the messages. According to news sources, Mr. O's numbers are below the fifty percentile level and most likely the WH is certainly concerned with this apparent slide since January. With the health care debate becoming a "Picasso" piece of work that most Americans are yet to understand, unemployment ebbing and flowing, the economy seemingly stifled and wars raging, it's a full plate that's becoming unappetizing to say the least. O.K. Mr. President, what you gonna do?

Bonanza DSRA: Just in time for holiday shopping or maybe even saving, DSRA held it's Christmas Bonanza fundraiser, 12.12.09 with a cash payout for those participating in the raffle. I personally want to thank all those who purchased tickets from JM and myself as we solicited many of you during the lasts 4 weeks. We realize that sometimes it's getting hit up for these type of campaigns may seem intrusive, but fundraising is an essential endeavor keeping any organization functioning. Of course, if you didn't feel so incline to donate in this manner, you can always offer in-kind services, frequent traveler miles, or a fundraising idea of your own. We'd love to hear from you today! The big winners were as follows: 1st prize ($300.00), L. Cervantez, Little Rock, 2nd prize($200.00), Ian Bowles, Toronto, Canada, 3rd prize($100.00), Keith Huber, Ft. Lauderdale FL. Congratulations to these folks and their participation is most appreciated.

FACEBook ME: This forum has covered much ground since it's inception and joining the social network craze was a natural progression as we sought to enhance our appeal across the board and the response has been great. It appears that many of you spend much time accessing the behemoth, FaceBook as well as all the other competitors such as Myspace, Twitter and such. Yet, as I get many invitations, updates and all types musings, obviously this means of contact is the wave of the future and I learned this unilaterally while promoting the recent Royalty show. As we end this forum, perhaps I'll stay in touch on these networks to keep you updated on my latest. In the meantime, keep those friend request coming!

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