Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Spin Down to the Final Countdown

One day and counting til it's O-V-A! Yes, it's curtains for COP:24/7 as we make way for new and interesting ventures to come. It's been a great run and we've loved every moment as the GLBTQ communities gatekeeper to updates, commentary, video's, podcasts and news. What next you ask? Well, there are local groups that have newsletters, a net radio show and circulated alerts which will have to stand in the gap. It's a tall order to keep a daily blog producing on a daily basis, but we've done it and now here's one more parting shot before we go!

Random Thoughts: With every year ending I find my self checking out those Top Ten list of this or that. Not to mention those proverbial list of who's in, who's out and what's not hot! Over the years, I've seen and heard some of it all with a bit of the talk-talk ending up in this forum. In any case, no matter the chatter, the words flowing from this forum has always been about empowerment and challenges to the status quo. Randomly speaking I mused out loud about topics that even today I'm not sure if they've been adequately addresses or winning solutions considered. Here again are a few of those elephant in the room questions:
1. What happened to the proposed Community Center project that was touted by some women from the West Coast?

2. Exactly what was accomplished by the Fed Up Queers during their 15 minutes in the spotlight?

3. Is anyone home at the Little Rock Pride Committee??

4. Did the Gay Film Fest run out of films and the book club stop reading?

5. Who moved my cheese?

If you stop and think about it, will any of this matter in the grand scheme of things. But it you give it some thought, it certainly makes you go, "Hmmmmmm?"

BARWATCH: Let's face it, we've got choice and if you can't find a place that suits you, then you need to stay home. It's been 30 years of Discovery and it seems that the place just won't die. It was the place to be "gay" in the day and it's evolution into an anything goes atmosphere could not be avoided. Especially as local gay folk transitioned, ebbed and flowed as well as became nesters. Yet, the complex holds fond memories for myself and it will always be apart of my personal history. Of course there's been plenty others to come and go, such as The Filling Station, Plumtastics, Sgt. Prestons, Fifth Gear, Rumors, Garbo's, The Factory, Code Blue, CHAPS and others. Can you believe it all these are history? Therefore, the 7th Street Corridor featuring 610, OffCenter and Pulse are new kids on the block. Providing locals with the basic mix that's been bringing them in for years, booze, boys and beats. Luckily Sidetracks is still percolating and re-defining it's winning combination. UBU continues it stride as an alternate meeting place, complete with shows and special music performers. I congratulate them for having staying power and doing what they can for the community. STAR bar the latest game in town, will hopefully find it's chops, especially with their deck addition. I will find my way their on spring evenings and summer nights. If you don't know it, this city has some of the best outlets compared to any that I've seen in the big girl cities. We should be proud to have access to such facilities with out any hassle. Thanks to all those entrepreneur's whom have take the effort to stay in business, but we should always remember, if we don't do them, they may not be there for us.

DADT: I can't close out this blog, without saluting all the men and women of the armed services who are serving in the name of this country. Their comittment and dedication in these "theatres" of war are to be commended. Esepcially those who face the Don't Ask/ Don't Tell delimma that often forces good people out of the ranks despite the need for few good men and women. Hopefully, POTUS Obama will eventually get the support needed to overturn this barrier to those individuals who want to defend the stars and stripes without strife! Thanks to all of you.

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