Monday, July 11, 2011

Busting a Blazzing Monday Move 2.0

A threat of a double dip recession and triple digit temperatures has everything heated up and then some. This posting arrives as breaking news, updates, links and much more that will make the cut this time. Let's not waste a moment!

Til Debt Do We Part: Act 2

In an earlier posting, I came out swinging about the deficit/debt ceiling mess that is now coming to ahead as the days continue to tick away until that cited August 2 doomsday date. Of course, I don't and most likely most of you don't either, believe that lawmakers will actually allow this happen. However, as the political drama and theatre rolls on, President Obama has come to his bully pulpit and started to call folks out about the whole affair meanwhile trying to frame this issue in a simplistic and educational manner for the American people. Again, how did we get to this place, you ask? There are numerous factors that has caused this mash up such as tax cuts that can't be sustained from the Bush era, 1, 2 and if you count that non aggressive intervention in Lybia, it's been our global war engagement that is still ringing up hundreds of dollars a second and a host of other culprits such as a changing daily tax code, government spending, entitlement programs and Ta Dah! corporate loopholes that are too many to count. Ladies and Gentlemen, so here we are again, with ideology attempting to trump common sense with all the "sacred cows" at stake while we wait on these professionals to make it happen. Stay tuned....

Black and Gay Topic for Enterprise

Black Enterprise magazine has come out, sort of. It's July 19, 2011 issue will feature a cover story on Black and Gay in Corporate America. The article highlights cases where employees are breaking through isolation and fear in the workplace. It's that workplace that our good Governor Beebe believes is such a safe harbor for those in the GLBTQ community and of course we know better. Black Enterprise both the magazine and TV show happens to be one of my favorites. It's pages are filled with many thought provoking articles and many "how to and don'ts" for those looking to get ahead in life, love and loot. BE's Editor at Large C.M Brown stated that the magazine encounter some difficulty producing the issue due to the fact that subjects were hard to find and those who agreed to participate did so with some reservations. The issue attempts to explore who is the Black professional, what barriers do they face in their careers and the impact of homophobia within the black community. At the intersection of this discussion also comes perceptions and images of successful minorities which have often been skewed with characters ranging from over the top hair stylist to those of the fashion set. However, within my own circles I've connected with top flight professionals ranging from judges to  CEO's who do not fit the stereotypical gay image while leading successful lives. Black Enterprise gets a Big High Five and shout out from COP 24/7 for this item and further coverage on diversity issues in the LGBTQ community and beyond. Get a copy on the 19th and check out their website site at     

Board Member Sought For LACorp

The Living Affected Corporation has announced a statewide search for it's next slate of board members. The organization is restructuring while utilizing capacity building tools to assist in supporting board development and additional strategic planning. If you are interested in enhancing the organizations vision of promoting positive sexual and reproductive health in marginalized communities, forward your resume to The Living Affected Corporation, P.O. Box 46558, Little Rock, AR 72214-6558   Check out the website at  

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